SBH Missed Call Balance Check Number, SBI Balance Check

State Bank of Hyderabad account balance enquiry. SBH Balance Enquiry Through SMS Method. SBH Missed Call Balance Check Number. Check SBH Account Balance Online Using SBI Net Banking. SBH Account balance check using the YONO SBI Mobile APP.

SBH Missed Call Balance Check

India produces the best banking and financial institutions, local and international. The State Bank of Hyderabad (SBH) is a famous regional bank and sister bank to SBI. SBH is diversified and serves across India, offering quality services to all registered residents. SBH customers can avail of various banking services through different platforms such as SMS banking, phone banking, mobile banking apps, UPI apps, internet banking, etc. The services are compatible with mobile and computer devices making banking fast and easy.

To avail of State Bank of Hyderabad account details, the user can utilize the online and offline methods such as:

  • By sending SMS
  • Internet banking
  • Mobile banking app
  • Missed called service
  • Using *99#

Since the great merge with SBI bank, SBH customers can use SBI banking facilities to transact. It’s possible to transfer funds using YONO/YONO Lite app, SBI net banking, and other facilities.

How to Check SBH Balance Enquiry Through SMS Method

The SMS method is easy and available on any mobile phone. The user requires a registered mobile number to process the request.

  • Type: REG account number to 09223488888
  • The bank will send a message confirming the registration process.
  • Once registered, proceed to check your account balance in the following steps:
  • BAL to 09223766666
  • The bank will provide your balance through SMS.

SBH Missed Call Balance Check Number

SBH account balance enquiry by making a missed call

The missed call service also requires the user to call via a registered mobile number.

  • Dial the toll-free number 9223766666 using your registered mobile number.
  • The call will automatically disconnect after a few rings.
  • Next, the bank will send an SMS containing the account balance via SMS.

SBI Balance Check Number

sbh missed call balance check number, sbi balance check
SBH Missed Call Balance Check number, sbi balance check

SBH Missed Call Balance Enquiry Toll Free Number: 09223766666

What Is *99#? How To Check Account Balance Using *99#

SBI (SBH) Account Balance check using *99#

The method doesn’t require any internet connection to operate. The user needs to call the *99# from the registered number. The system will provide the account balance on the screen immediately. It’s also a convenient way to get mini-statement and send funds to other account users.

The account holder should register for the service

  •  to avail of the *99# (NUUP service) method.
  • Dial *99# and click the call button on your mobile phone.
  • Next, enter the PIN you created during the registration process.
  • Proceed to the “check balance” option.
  • Select the send button to access the saving/current account balance details.

Check SBH Account Balance Online Using SBI Net Banking

How to Access Account Balance Using Online SBI Net Banking

The official merge of SBH bank and the bank allows users to utilize the SBI net banking portal.

  • Go to the SBH internet using the SBI link
  • Enter your login details, username, and password.
  • For new users, one must register for the SBH net banking facility.
  • Open the page, press the account number section, and proceed to the “show balance” option.
  • The page will show the balance on the screen.

Check SBH balance using the YONO SBI MObile APP

  • Get the SBH mobile app on your Smartphone
  • Register and log in to the app using the user ID and PIN.
  • Go to the menu section and press the “show balance” option.
  • The app will display the account balance on the screen.


  1. Can an SBH account user retrieve bank details from SBI bank?

    The SBH is currently merged with the SBI bank and works as a sister bank. The SBH user can retrieve or use any SBI service to the bank.

  2. SBH Full Form?

    State Bank of Hyderabad (SBH)