SBI UPI PIN: How to Generate And Reset SBI UPI PIN in Few Steps

How to Register SBi UPI PIN & Transfer Money through BHIM SBI UPI PAY. State Bank of India UPI PIN: Generating and resetting. SBI UPI PIN Register & Receive Money Using the SBI UPI Virtual IDa few steps

Digital applications established by the SBI bank India always have a significant impact on SBI customers. The apps allow for easy money transfer, access to bank account, bank statements, and other banking services. Today SBI bank customers can enjoy the BHIM SBI pay app, designed as a user’s mobile application. The BHIM SBI app is available on all operating systems, thus suiting all customers. Bank customers can access UPI transactions, thus easing transactions for all UPI-enabled banks and accounts.

SBI clients can implement the BHIM SBI pay app on their devices to easily send and receive funds from other banks. The app is compatible will all accounts and banks using the UPI feature to transfer money. Besides the transfer, customers can also pay utility bills, recharge, and order meals using the BHIM SBI pay app. The user should download the BHIM SBI pay app on their Google play store or App store to access the service.



The SBI UPI app is secured with two unique PINs:

  • Login pin

Login PIN

The login PIN is the user’s choice; one sets the PIN during profile building. It helps when logging in to your SBI UPI app.


The UPI Pin is also referred to as MPIN or TXN password; the pin is used for account purposes. It helps the user to login into their account, not the app. This means the user logs in with a login PIN, and when they need to transact, they will use a UPI PIN for their account.

What is a Virtual Payment ID?

Virtual ID is a unique and specific name selected by the user for the SBI pay app. For example, snehacool@sbi or hjkrish@sbi. The ‘hjkrish’ is the virtual ID or unique name based on the user’s preference. The SBI bank allows SBI pay app to formulate different virtual IDs for their app. The virtual ID will help transact funds (send and receive) and also use UPI-enabled platforms.

The process is available through a virtual payment address (VPA) to transfer money from one account to another. The user must transact using the registered mobile number on your bank account to avail of the service. One must also have a debit card to utilize a virtual ID.

How To Generate SBI UPI PIN

Step by step Registration Procedure for SBI UPI Pin

  1. First, download your BHIM SBI pay app on your mobile phone.
  2. Note the app is available for Android and IOS devices.
  3. Next, please enter your registered mobile number and Verify it to continue.
  4. Key in your name and fill in the following options:
    • The preferred virtual ID
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Email ID
    • Security questions and answers
    • Bank name
  5. Enter the bank where you have registered an account
  6. Review the information and click the tab “register.”
  7. Enter your preferred 6-digit password
  8. Next, enter your debit card information and create your MPIN.
  9. The system will send
  10. The registration confirmation message on your registered mobile number.

Transfer Funds Using BHIM SBI Pay Virtual ID

  • Open your SBI pay application on your mobile phone.
  • On the homepage, the menu selects the “pay” option.
  • Proceed and select your account and payee address type.
  • Next, enter the mandatory details to continue.
  • Click “pay” > enter MPIN >click submit button.

How to Reset SBI UPI Pin

  1. Go to your SBI UPI APP
  2. Select the bank account tab followed by the “Reset UPI PIN” option.
  3. Key the last 6-digit of the debit card and the expiration date of the card.
  4. Now enter your preferred 6-digit UPI PIN and reconfirm to proceed.
  5. Confirm the details to complete the process.

Receive Money Using the SBI UPI Virtual ID

  • Open the SBI pay app and select the “collect” option.
  • Now enter your virtual ID on the space provided.
  • Key in the required details on the page to continue.
  • Next, click “initiate collect.”
  • The money will be released after the payer confirms the collection request.

The UPI facility provides a money transfer limit of Rs. 1 lakh per day. BHIM SBI pays users cannot transact more than Rs. 1 lakh using the UPI feature.

Grievances or Complaints About BHIM SBI Pay APP

  • Open the SBI pay app on your mobile phone.
  • Select the tab “My UPI transactions” >”raise query” option.
  • Next, enter the query type and enter the remarks or complain statement.
  • Recheck the remarks to ensure it is the proper grievance you want to state.
  • Now click submit button.
  • The bank will review and address the query with a few working days.


  1. Which devices can I avail BHIM SBI pay app?

    SBI bank provided the opportunity to all bank customers by availing the SBI pay app on all operating systems. Android and IOS users can download the application to enjoy the services.

  2. Can non-SBI users use the SBI UPI app to transact funds?

    Yes, the BHIM SBI pay app works for all users with the UPI facility. Non-SBI customers can send and receive money if their accounts are UPI enabled.

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