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KSRTC Student Bus Pass Online Apply 2024 | How to Apply For a Bus Pass (Senior Citizens and Physically Challenged Users) Passes & Concession at (or) Seva Sindhu 1

KSRTC Bus Pass

The Karnataka KSRTC student bus pass is a unique online pass that offers the privilege to travel from one destination to another. The pass is issued at all bus stations, thus easing school traveling hassles. Students at any study level can enjoy the bus pass facility at an affordable fee. The KSRTC provides an online bus pass to allow for fast processing, transparency, and accountability in the system. Besides students applicants, the KSRTC also allows other travellers such as employees and traders to access bus passes online. The travellers must be using the bus means every day to qualify for the pass.

Over the years, KSRTC has been providing students, employee, and traders bus pass every month. However, after some consideration, the bus authorities have changed from monthly to yearly bus passes. The eligible applicants should be Rs.50 per card. The express services are available for express and ordinary services. Students can check bus pass-related detail through online websites.

Seva Sindhu 1

The Karnataka state government and the KSRTC have developed an online facility, namely the Seva Sindhu website portal. The services eliminate the need for paperwork and cash. This saves processing time and accounts for every money in the bus pass processing. Students and other travelers don’t have to visit the government and KSRTC offices to avail the bus pass services. However, they can log in to the website page and request service at an affordable price. It’s simple to use and available on all devices.

Seva Sindhu 1 at

Karnataka Seva Sindhu Portal Registration 2024

How to Register on Seva Sindhu Portal

  1. Open the Seva Sindhu website portal.
  3. On the homepage menu, select the tab “department and services.”
  4. The system will open a new page displaying the requirements and eligibility criteria for the bus pass.
  5. Read and click “apply online.”
  6. Proceed to the “service plus” >register as a new user and enter your Aadhaar card.
  7. The portal will display the registration page.
  8. Key in the mandatory details and click submit button to complete the registration process.

The KSRTC student bus pass enables students to travel to schools, colleges, Universities from their respective homes. The bus permits 60Kms for every student, which is a better and affordable option. The students use Mofussil ordinary, express services, Suburban services, and city services.

KSRTC Student Bus Pass Online Apply 2024

Step by step to Apply for The karnataka state Student Bus Pass Service Online

  • Visit the KSRTC website portal “”
  • On the menu, select the tab “apply now” to open the registration form
  • Key in the required details such as personal details, contacts, educational data, and pass information.
  • Next, upload your recent photo as per the guidelines
  • Recheck the information and click submit button.

Bus Pass For Other Users

Concession for senior citizens

The KSRTC allows concession for Rajahamsa and low-class services. Eligible users should be senior citizens ages 60 years and above. The KSRTC offers a 25% concession on the basic bus fare. However, the privilege applies to Karnataka residents only.

Required Documents to Avail of the Concession (any)

  • A passport from the government of India.
  • Voter id
  • Aadhaar card
  • Driving license
  • An identity card showing the applicants date of birth
  • Address proof documents to show residential address from recognized government body or corporation.
  • A senior citizen identity card from KSRTC.
  • A legal document for the physically challenged and senior citizens’ welfare directorate.

Bus Pass Concession for Physically Challenged People

The KSRTC gives people with disabilities a chance for bus pass concession. However, they must meet the following eligibility.

  • The government of Karnataka state offers a pass rate for persons with disabilities to be Rs. 660/-
  • The bus pass is provided to people with 40% disability. This covers visual, hearing impairment, Amblyopia, mental disorder, dementia, Locomotor disability, infected leprosy patients.
  • KSRTC passes allow the user to travel to the city, suburban, ordinary, and express KSRTC, BMTC, NEKRTC, and NWKRTC buses.
  • The pass holders will get 100 KMs from their residence.

How to Apply For a Bus Pass (Senior Citizens and Physically Challenged Users)

  • To apply and renew the KSRTC bus pass, the user should submit any required documents for the verification process.
  • People with disabilities need to fill an application form, state their details and submit it. They can collect the form from the Divisional offices in Karnataka.
  • After filling the application form, which is also available online, the applicant should attach their proof documents: disability certificate, identity card, and others.
  • The KSRTC will review and issue the bus pass. The card should be renewed every year from 1st January to 28th February.
  • New applicants can apply any time of the year.

Bus Pass for Blind Individuals

For blind individuals, KSRTC issues the bus pass for free and allows the holder to travel anywhere in the state. However, the applicant should be blind, unlike other disabilities, which require 40%. To avail of the services, the applicant should provide proof documents such as a full blind certificate, ID card with seal and signature from the District Welfare office of Disabled Persons and Senior Citizens, a medical report from recognized medical officers such as the Bangalore medical board.

Types of Bus Pass

  1. Daily pass

The daily pass is only valid for that particular day and helps users travel in Mysore city limits.

  • Monthly Pass
  • The monthly passes are issued to students, traders, and employees at concession rates. The pass applicant travels from two-point daily (residence to school or work).
  • The applicants can get the passes at the bus stations or online websites.
  • The photo identity card is valid for one year and provided by the KSRTC at Rs. 50 per card.
  • The express pass is available for ordinary and express services.
  • The ordinary month passes are designed for ordinary services only.


  1. What is the limit for the student bus pass and senior citizens?

    The bus pass limits 60 KMs for students from their residence while the senior citizens get 10KM from the places.

  2. Who are eligible for bus passes in Karnataka?

    Senior citizens
    People with disabilities

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