Sikkim Employee Pay Slip 2024 (Salary Slip) Download at

Quick Guide On How To Download The Sikkim Employee Pay Slip 2024. Sikkim Employee Salary Slip 2024 at

Sikkim HRMS

Indian government employees can avail their salaries and salary slips at ease thanks to digital revolution. Most States have turned to online systems to complete payments and provide slips. It’s an incredible way to handle the numerous employees and keep proper records.  Workers can produce the salary slips via smart devices anywhere through simple loggings.

Sikkim state India is a privileged state with digital development that allows employees to access payment slips and employment details easily. The Sikkim employee Salary Slip is a legal employee’s document provided by the FRED Sikkim. The Sikkim state has launched the official website,, under the Department of Finance. This web portal aims to equip employee’s knowledge about their salary details.

Features found in Portal

The Sikkim website comes with a lot of features convenient to its users. These features are:

  • Sikkim portal is a payment gateway for easy online payments.
  • Access to government schemes and programs.
  • Updates on any applications and services.
  • Easy application for government services.
sikkim employee pay slip salary slip
sikkim employee pay slip 2024 (salary slip) PDF download at

Advantages of Sikkim Employee Salary Slip

The following are the advantages of Sikkim employee salary slip:

  • No existence of errors.

It’s rare to find errors of electronic/digital generate payslip. This eliminates multiple revision and visit to the department heads.

  • Transparency and accountability.

Online system enhance accountability and transparency as workers can view all details online without any hidden activities. It’s easy to account for any cent used from your salary.

  • Proof.

Salary slips provide proof of certain situations, e.g., loan application, verification that you work for a particular organization, etc.

  • Easy accessibility.

The pay slips are easily accessed through the official website anytime, anywhere.

Sikkim Employee Pay Slip 2024

It’s a document with salary information given to employees every month (Online generated PDF). The document consists of:

  • Deductions.
  • Basic pay.
  • Net pay.
  • Allowances.

Download Sikkim Employee Pay Slip 2024

Process on how to download Sikkim employee pay slip 2024?

Following the launch of the Sikkim portal, all government employees can download their monthly salary slips through the official website:

  1. Eligible employee has to move to the FRED Sikkim portal at
  2. On the display screen, tap the “login” option, fill in your login information, and then press the “login” tab.
  3. The following details will appear:
    • Employee.
    • Payee.
    • Pension self-service.
    • Web application.
  4. Proceed to the “employee” tab to get the “Salary statement” option.
  5. Hit the “Salary slip file” option to download the salary slip.
  6. The salary slip will be ready, it’s possible to avail any month’s salary slip or the last 3 to 6 months.

Guidelines on How to Read the Sikkim Employee Salary Slip

Employees may need help understanding the information content of the pay slip. The below guide will help us to know more about pay slips:

  • Earnings.

The content of the earning part includes:

  • Basic pay.
  • Allowances.
  • Other earnings are done during the month.
  • Gross pay and net pay.

Gross pay is the constant salary, while net pay is paid after all the deductions.

  • Employee information.

The content of this information part includes:

  • Employees name.
  • Employee code.
  • Personal details.
  • Deductions.

The content of deductions includes:

  • Taxes.
  • PF contributions.
  • Other deductions are made during the month.


  1. What are the contents of the Sikkim salary pay slip 2024?

    The contents of the Sikkim employee pay slip 2024 are:Deductions.Net pay.Basic pay.Allowances.

  2. When is the Sikkim employee pay slip issued?

    The Sikkim employee pay slip is issued every month.