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TN Horticulture

Agricultural/horticultural farming is going beyond rural and remote areas that have huge farming lands. Today people are improvising space and making kitchen and rooftop gardens to avail farm products. The scheme has helped many city dwellers get different foods from their backyard, thus spending less on food items. The Tamil Nadu State government has also embraced the garden kit farming pattern by investing in quality kits and facilities.

TN State citizens living in urban areas can enjoy horticulture practices in their small spaces. The project is getting great support from the Department of Horticulture, offering subsidized terrace garden kits. Chennai residents venturing into the kits are saving money from the program as food prices skyrocket, especially due to Covid-19 and other global economic issues.

Tamil Nadu Government Roof Garden Kit with Subsidy

The Department has seen many people seeking the “do it yourself” or garden kits. Many people are visiting the depots to request the kits. To help the residents, the government has slashed the price from Rs. 900 to Rs. 225. This gives all citizens chance to buy and start small farms for future benefits. The government caters to kitchen garden users in urban areas and people who fully venture into farming or plant growing.

TN Horticulture

Available Products on TN Horticulture Garden Kit

The project encourages vegetable and fruit growing from various spaces, either rooftops or small gardens.Garden kits accommodate tomatoes, cluster beans, bush beans, coriander leaves, okra, green chilies, and eggplant.

The TN Government offers:

  • Polythene spreading sheets.
  • Seedling trays
  • 10 varieties of vegetable and flower seeds.
  • A compressed coco peat 2kg bricks and 6 bags per kit.
  • Fertilizer (soluble)
  • Biofertilizers, biopesticides, and bio fungicides
  • D.I.Y kit manual booklet.

The user can also purchase the following from the depots:

  • Hand sprayer
  • Rose cane
  • Digging fork
  • Trowel

Tamil Nadu has launched an online website to help residents order from anywhere to get garden kits. The user can also visit the depots in Chennai. However, there is a big flow of clients, meaning one should book in advance.

How to Order Offline for TN Horticulture Terrace Garden Kits

Interest citizens should visit the following offices:

  • Madhavaram zone: 9003265922
  • Anna nagar zone: 9841155808
  • Thiruvanmiyur zone: 044-24510597
  • Perambur zone: 8056217841

Required Document for the Registration 2024 Process

  • Passport size photos
  • Address proof: Aadhaar card, Ration card, voter’s card.
  • Land document for farmers with ample land
  • Bank details

To register, the Horticultural department officers will help fill out the application form.

Horticulture Garden Kit Buy Online

Steps to buying a horticulture garden kit online

  1. Visit the TN Horticulture website page via the link
  2. The application form will open; enter the required details as follows:
    • Applicant’s name/beneficiary’s name
    • Aadhaar number
    • Father’s or husband’s name
    • Gender
    • Registered mobile number
    • Area type
    • District, block, village
    • Address
    • Pin code
  3. Choose your preferred kit and upload the photo and Aadhaar image.
  4. Review the information and select the submit button.

How to Apply for TN Horticulture Subsidy Scheme

The Department of Horticulture allows people with plantations or full-time farmers to access the garden kit project. The farmers can request for subsidy on agricultural and irrigation products. However, one must visit the Tamil Nadu Horticulture Development Agency (TANHODA) to access the subsidies. The farmers get the privilege to choose from the following schemes:

  • MIDH-National Horticulture Mission
  • PMKSY-Micro-irrigation (SF/MF) and other farmers
  • National Bamboo Mission
  • National Mission on Medicinal plants
  • Tamil Nadu-IAMWARM. World Bank Fund
  • State Horticulture farms

To get financial help, the eligible farmer must select one scheme from the list above that aligns with their farming.

How to Register for TN Horticulture Subsidy Online

TN Horticulture Terrace Garden Kit Subsidy registration 2024 Apply Online

  1. Open the official TN Horticulture website page link.
  2. Next, enter the mandatory details like:
    • Aadhaar number
    • Father’s name
    • Gender
    • Mobile number
  3. The page will send an OTP code for verification; use the code to proceed.
  4. Next, enter your social status and select the caste category.
  5. Select your district, block, and village.
  6. Choose a scheme that benefits your farming activity.
  7. Click components and proposed crop.
  8. Enter the required quantity.
  9. Now, attach the required document and the farmer’s passport photo.
  10. Recheck the details and press submit button.

The respective authorities will review the applications and can contact you for more details.

Price of Garden Kit in Chennai

The garden kit’s price is Rs.522.10; however, registered users are availing the kits at Rs. 200 subsidized price.Due to high demands and more people seeking the kits government is providing one kit per user.

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  2. How can I carry the garden kit?

    It’s advisable to use a tri-cycle or car to carry the kits to avoid damage.