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Tripura HRMS

Counting among the smallest States in India, Tripura (Northeast India) ranks among the most beautiful and advanced states. The government has developed online portals through its respective departments that enhance working status. Government employees have the chance to receive payment and check salary slips online. Pensioners can also review their pension data easily without physically referring to the offices.

Tripura HRMS website is a unique service that offers comprehensive employee details from various government departments. The site uses a secure official link With simple registration, eligible workers gain a username/employee code and password to log in.

tripura employee pay slip 2024 at tripura hrms
Tripura Employee Pay Slip 2024 (Salary Slip)

Tripura Employee Pay Slip

Online-generated employee salary slips are legal and valid for official activities. Tripura employees can view and download the slips based on preference. The salary slip contains essential data such as:

  • Allowances
  • Gross and net salary
  • Employee name
  • Provident fund
  • Deductions

Treasury and Financial Department

Tripura State HRMS site is an innovation of the Treasury and Finance Department. The departments manage financing factors and ensure all employees receive salaries and slips.

Importance of Tripura Employee Salary Slip

  • Payslip provides detailed data on salary.
  • It’s a legal document that shows income and employment status.
  • Salary slips allow users to request loans from financial bodies.

Tripura State HRMS contains details on pensioners with members logging in via the link (or) The sites are available for workers in all public departments.

GPF Slip

Like the employee salary slip, the GPF slip indicates the balance and information on the General Provident Fund. Tripura workers gaining GPF can review the account data for better follow-up. GPF is an official saving scheme designed by the government to receive employee’s retirement funds. The amount is deducted monthly from the salary to the user’s account. The employer (government) gives a particular portion of the amount as stated by the law.

Download Tripura Employee Salary Slip

Simple steps to download Tripura Employee salary slip 2024

The payroll (payroll) system is open to all registered members. Employees can receive a particular month’s slip by downloading it using the steps below.

  • The Tripura employees should log in official Tripura HRMS
  • Check for the login button to access the login page.
  • Multiple options will show:
    • Employee
    • Payee
  • Pension service web page.
  • Pick the “employee” tab and key in your login credentials.
  • Proceed to the Salary statement section and choose the “slip file” tab to access different time frames (months and years).
  • Download the slip as a PDF file.

How to Download the GPF 2024 Slip online

  • Navigate to the official web page.
  • Next, input the employee code, GPF number and PIN.
  • Recheck before submitting; if okay, press the “GPF slip option.
  • Proceed to select the month and financial year you wish to download the slip.
  • Download/print the slip on your device.

Benefits of the Tripura Payroll System

The official site benefits the government and employees as they can avail multiple data online. Employees can access the salary slip via mobile or a computer device anytime. Heads of departments and Financial Departments can hold different information on a single portal.


  1. What are the benefits of the Tripura Salary Slip online platform?
  • The HRMS portal provides accuracy and transparency.
  • It helps employees understand their income and deductions.
  • The Tripura salary slip portal saves time and effort for the government and employees.
  1. How many times can an employee download their salary payslip?

An employee can log in to view and download the slips anytime without limit.