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Vismaya Park

Vismaya Water Park ranks as the top-best water thrilling activity park in Kerala State, India. The park is located near Taliparamba Kannur, Kerala, India. It’s an incredible attraction for water game lovers and accommodates thousands of tourists daily. Vismaya has multiple rides and water slide facilities for all ages. It’s a great holiday destination that offers fun facilities, conference halls, prayer halls, restaurants, and shops. This offer comprehensive requirements making the guest comfortable.

The Vismaya Water Park was established in August 2008 and has gained popularity amount the state’s residents and tourists worldwide. Tourists visiting Kerala state should miss the fun at Vismaya Water Park. The park prices are affordable to all users regardless of age. Vismaya Park is situated on 30 acres of land, an ample space to handle water slides, dry rides, and various services such as parking, restaurants, and more. The park services are managed by Malabar Tourism Development Cooperative Limited (MTDC), making it the best-maintained park in Kerala.

Vismaya Water Park

Best attractions in Vismaya Water Park

Vismaya Water Park is defined by the best swimming pools, dry rides, and water games. There is always a game for everyone, as facilities hold reasonable numbers simultaneously.

Dry Rides

Tourists can enjoy thrilling rides such as:

  • Striking car
  • Breakdance
  • Giant wheel
  • Mirror Haze
  • Free fall
  • Tornado.

Water Rides at Vismaya Water Park

Water Park is Vismaya’s identity; many visitors come to enjoy water games. The park has various swimming pools for adults and kids. Visitors have a plethora of water slide choices that offer exclusive experiences. Vismaya Park tourists can avail multiple water games such as:

  • Rain Dance
  • Splash Pools
  • Pendulum
  • Water Gun
  • Wave pool
  • Water Rainbow
  • Black hole.

There is unlimited fun for non-water game lovers, such as:

Other Rides

  • Giant wheel
  • Horror cave
  • Space shuttle

Kids’ Rides at Vismaya Park

Children have spectacular game zones that fit their age, size, and height. The rides are comfortable, well-fixed, and child-friendly. Kids can have fun on different equipment such as:

  • Free fall (child-size)
  • Merry-go-round
  • Doom Bike
  • Electric swing
  • Mickey mouse

Vismaya Water Park also provides a playground where children can have free games with friends and family.

The Vismaya Virtual Waterfall

Virtual services are quite broad and available even in amusement activities. The Vismaya Water Park authorities have utilized a digital waterfall (artificial) to amaze tourists for enjoyment. Thousands of visitors flock to the virtual waterfall to dance to different tunes under the waterfall. Though manmade, it’s the best experience ever for many tourists. The area is open from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm daily.

Laser Show

The park has set up a laser show section where tourist dance to booming music and different light effects.

Vismaya Water Park Water Reservation

To satisfy all the water points, the park management has designated two acres for water preservation. The park harness rainwater and treats it to meet all water needs. Vismaya Amusement Park management uses secure facilities to ensure all visitors are well catered for. The park is environmentally friendly and uses qualified personnel to manage each section.

Vismaya Park Timings

Monday to Friday11:00 AM to 06:00 PMAdults: Rs. 630 Child: Rs. 500 Senior: Rs.260/-
Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays10:30 AM to 06:00 PMAdults: Rs. 690 Child: Rs. 550 Senior: Rs.270/-

Vismaya Water Park Ticket Price 2024

Weekdays (Monday to Friday)630/-500/-
Weekends & Holidays690/-550/-
Vismaya Water Park Ticket Price 2024

vismaya water park ticket price
Vismaya water park ticket price 2024 at


Vismaya Amusement Park

Kolmotta, Parassinikadavu,

Kerala 670563


  1. Can visitors carry food and drinks from outside?

The park has many restaurants and shops where tourists can buy food. They can opt to buy food inside instead of purchasing from outside the park.

  1. Do children below three years pay an entry fee?

There is a fee for children above three years. However, children below three years don’t have to pay an entry fee.