Whatsapp View Once feature, How to Send View Once Photos and Videos on Whatsapp

New Whatsapp Feature: WhatsApp “View Once” Disappearing Photos and Videos feature on Iphone & Android. How to send view once photos and videos on WhatsApp. How to enable whatsapp disappearing messages.


WhatsApp application holds global significance, with millions of users utilizing the app for chatting and calling. The software is open for personal and business chats. WhatsApp contains unique features such as expression emojis, video calls, status, and text. Today the Facebook-owned app has developed a new “view once” feature. The mode allows the user to view photos and views once/single view, and the content disappears. How to send one time view pictures on whatsapp step by step process given below.

Whatsapp View Once feature

The features offer freedom to what contents the viewer can keep. It also helps in privacy issues as the receiver cannot keep any data (photos and videos) after viewing. The Company first launched the “view once” feature as a pilot program (beta user) and later fully implemented the idea. The features are available in WhatApp and gaining popularity among users.

To access the “view once” feature, the user should download the latest version of WhatsApp from Google Play Store or App Store. The features are installed by default on the app. The photos and videos will disappear after the receiver views or open the page.Automatically the app’s page will display a message “opened” when the photo or video disappears. This means no content is saved on the device’s gallery.

Though the features are unique and offer excellent privacy, it doesn’t guarantee safety; the recipient can easily keep the photo or video through a screenshot or use another device to take the video. The WhatApp provider has also introduced a feature where users can join missed call groups. It helps one rejoin a group call at ease. The innovations are embrace globally and offer better ways of managing one’s data and content.

How to Send View Once Photos and Videos on Whatsapp

Whatsapp View Once feature

How to Send View Once on Whatsapp

How to send “view once” disappearing photos and videos on WhatsApp. whatsapp view once feature how to use in android & iphone

  1. Launch your WhatsApp APP.
  2. Open the group chat or individual chat.
  3. Next, click the camera tab, take a photo or video. You can also select the content from your gallery.
  4. Click + icon to attach the details and select the “media” you wish to send.
  5. Proceed and click the “one-time” tab to set the “view once” feature.
  6. The page will display a dialogue box indicated “the photo or video can be viewed once.” 
  7. Next, click the “OK” button.
  8. The page will automate the feature by highlighting the icon in green.
  9. Now select the “send button” to send the contents to your recipient.

Note the view once photos and videos don’t resemble the normal contents shared on WhatsApp. The photos and videos appear with a text notation and a view one-time icon. Other media appear with a media preview thumbnail. However, when the receiver opens the content, it will show that the photo will disappear after exiting the media viewer.

The user will not find the details (photo or video) after returning to the page. The process uses end-to-end encryption same way as WhatsApp messaging. The media cannot be forwards, saved, shared, or stared. This keeps details between sender and receiver, thus maintaining privacy. The same feature applies to messages. One can send disappearing messages to any WhatApp users without worry of data leakage.


  1. Who can utilize “view once” the feature?

    The feature is available to all WhatsApp users; one can download and install the new version and enjoy the view once feature.

  2. What are devices compatible with the “view once” disappearing feature?

    The feature is available with all gadgets like WhatApp web, iPhone, and Android devices.