Cibil Score Check Free Online by Pan Number

Checking your CIBIL Score for free using PAN Number: Cibil Score Check Free Online by Pan Number. How to Check CIBIL Score With PAN Card Number For Free. Check CIBIL Score By Using PAN Card at One Score APP. How to Check CIBIL Score on the Paytm APP for Free

Cibil Score Check Free Online by Pan Number

A good credit score helps maintain a great relationship with financial lenders. The secret to qualifying for credit cards and loans is good credit score history. This allows banks and financial institutions to know the individual’s ability to repay/clear debts. It’s advisable to clear your credit card bills on time to improve your chances of loan approval. The scores also help increase the credit limit and build trust with lenders.

CIBIL is an approved credit Bureau Company that corrects comprehensive data on credit card and loan details. Banks and other credit facilitators retrieve the information to determine the eligibility of a particular individual. The CIBIL score is calculated out of 900, where the user earns points based on the repayment schedule.   Applicants seeking a loan or credit card should check their score or history before starting the application process. CIBIL uses applicants’ PAN numbers to attain the score to avail all details. Without paying a dime, one can check the CIBIL credit score using various sites and platforms.

cibil score check free online by pan number
Cibil score check free online by pan number

Benefits of Merging PAN Card and Aadhaar Card to CIBIL

  • Linking your PAN number reduces the fraud cases such as multiple people using one PAN card. If someone uses your PAN card, it can result in a bad score if they don’t pay the debts. However, it’s difficult to the card when merged with CIBIL.
  • The PAN number is a mandatory detail when accessing the CIBIL website. The number is used as an identity-proof facility.
  • People from rural areas can utilize Aadhaar enabled ATMs to withdraw and

Factors Affecting CIBIL Score

  • Bad loan/debt payment history

Late payment or lack of repayment can easily cause a bad credit score.

  • Multiple loans

A user with multiple loans is likely to create a bad CIBIL score since there is no balance on income and debt.

  • Using high credit

Credit card users should limit their credit usage and avoid reaching the maximum. If the user frequently uses the maximum limit, it’s an indication they depend on credit to maneuver. This burdens their income and repayment schedule.

How to Check CIBIL Score With PAN Card Number For Free

Step by step to check for CIBIL credit score using PAN number for free using CIBIL website

  1. Visit the CIBIL website page link
  2. Open the portal and click the “free credit score” option to get the details via PAN.
  3. A new page will open; enter the required details such as date of birth, gender, name, and more.
  4. Select the “income Tax ID number to confirm your identity.
  5. Enter your PAN number and monthly income, and type of income.
  6. Next, key in the contact details such as phone number and email ID.
  7. Review the information and submit the request.
  8. The CIBIL system will verify the information within 24 hours and send a report to the registered email ID.

Check Your CIBIL Score By Using PAN Card Through One Score APP

Free CIBIL credit score check using PAN number through one score app

  • Get the One Score app on your device and login via the link
  • Select the “check my score” option to continue.
  • Next, key in your registered mobile number and select the I agree checkbook for the terms and conditions.
  • Press the “get OTP” option to receive an OTP code to the mobile number. Use the code and click the done button.
  • The app will automatically fetch the user’s PAN data. If the process fails, enter the details manually.
  • Key in the PAN number, date of birth, gender, PIN code, and address.
  • The system will generate a score from the CIBIL website. Save the information for reference.

How to Check the CIBIL Score on the Paytm APP for Free

Step by step to get a CIBIL score using the Paytm app

  • Open the Paytm app or download and install the app on your device.
  • Click the “show more” option and press the “loan and insurance” tab on the menu.
  • Next, click the “free credit score” tab.
  • Enter the following details, name, mobile number, email ID, PAN number, and date of birth.
  • Select the checkbox indicated “I authorize….”
  • Recheck the information and select the submit tab.
  • The app will request whether your mobile number is registered with the bank.
  • Click “yes” to proceed or” No, I want to change” tabs.
  • Key in the number linked to your loan or account to allow the app to get the CIBIL score details.
  • The information will be displayed on the screen.

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  1. <strong>How many times can I check my CIBIL credit score?</strong>

    There is no limitation for the times one can check the scores. However, some sites will charge request fees after the user exhausts the free chances.

  2. <strong>Why can’t I view all my credit reports?</strong>

    The CIBIL website and another site can generate all scores after verification. However, the user should give one or two months to check the score for recent loans.