How to Use Cred Coins, Redeem CRED Coins to Cash

CRED Coins: How to Use Cred Coins, Redeem CRED Coins to Cash. How to pay credit card bill in cred app. CRED APP free Download. How to use cred coins in cred app. Pay Credit Card Bill Online instantly on Cred.

How to Use Cred Coins

CRED: Online payment platforms are designed to help users transact funds fast without physical barriers. The digital apps are compatible with different operating systems, thus accommodating all users. CRED app is an excellent digital money app. It’s easy to merge with the user’s credit card and helps clear credit card bills quickly. CRED app offers attractive rewards to all users, which are convertible to cash. The CRED coins are the app’s rewards that are changed to coins.

CRED app applies to users with a good credit score of 750 and above. The app developers scrutinize users’ credit history to determine their eligibility. To achieve the process CRED app uses a registered mobile number linked to your Bank account details. The app creates a waiting list for users who don’t qualify for the CRED app facility.

How to Use Cred Coins

How to Redeem CRED Coins to Cash

CRED app is open for cashback and reward points. Users can enjoy various credit card services, which allows them to earn more points. One needs to link their credit card on the app for easy access. Individuals can clear utility bills and other credit card payments on the app. CRED app users can gain offers on online shopping, booking tickets and paying or purchasing goods and services.

To redeem the CRED coins, the user needs to check on the “burn” option. The system will automatically credit the points to your credit card in cash form once the user utilizes the credit card for bill payment. The system converts an equal number of cred points. The app deposits Rs.1 to your credit card for verification. Limited users can improve their credit scores to gain the CRED app.

Note: Burn option will not shown in Some Countries.

Redeeming CRED Coins to Cash

CRED app users should redeem the coins (Points) to cash through the “kill the bill” option. The system credits the amount to the user’s credit card. Applicants can also open the reward catalog and select the “lifestyle” tab to proceed. Note CRED app allows for CRED RentPay, CRED cash, CRED pay, CRED store and CRED travel store.

Where to user CREDCoins

Eligible applicants can create cash using the CRED app. The user can convert the cash for the following details.

  • Shopping

CRED app is a digital development designed to help in purchasing/shopping for products online. The process provides excellent discounts on various products. The CRED app user can redeem cred points to cash for shopping needs.

  • Rewards

Once CRED app users pay for their credit card bills on time, they provide deals such as Mega jackpot. The system updates the app to keep the user up to date. It’s advisable to redeem the jackpots to raise your chances of winning.

  • Travel

CRED app users can take advantage of travel packages using CRED coins.

How to Pay Credit Card Bill in Cred APP

Step by step to clear credit card payment using the CRED app. Pay Credit Card Bill Online instantly

  1. Open the CRED APP to access the page.
  2. Click the “cards” option on the menu and select the preferred credit card bill you want to pay.
  3. The page will display the bill amount, minimum due, etc
  4. Next select pay now and key in the amount you wish to pay for the bill.
  5. Now select the payment mode UPI, debit card or net banking
  6. You need to link your UPI or add debit card details on the app
  7. The app will authenticate the payment and allow you to proceed with payment.
  8. The system will send a transaction ID to help in reference
  9. Users can view the amount paid for the bill.
  10. Your Credit card bill payment was done
  11. Some banking methods take two working days for the bank to reflect or release the payment.

CRED APP Download

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CRED APP Free Download


  1. Does the CRED app have a limit on the amount to pay using CRED?

    Besides debit card payments which are limited to Rs. 2,000. All other methods don’t have a set bill amount.

  2. What are CRED coins?

    CRED coins are rewards earned once the user makes a bill payment through a credit card.

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