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Download Covid Vaccination Certificate online. CoWIN 2.0 Registration begins from March 1, 2021: corona vaccination application. cowin. gov. in certificate download. How to register for Covid-19 vaccine guide at

Cowin Vaccination Certificate Download

India is among the countries in the world administrating the Covid-19 vaccination to its citizens. The second phase of Covid-19 jabs began yesterday (1st March 2021). The willing citizens need to register through the CoWIN 2.0 website portal. The citizens can only access the portal from 9 am, the government has combined the Aaroygya Setu with the CoWIN portal. To help users download the vaccination certificates without any physical struggles.

Cowin. gov. in Certificate Download

Covid Vaccination Certificate 2023 Download
Cowin Vaccination Certificate Download 2024

Users can check information about the second dose from the CoWIN 2.0 dashboard. The second phase target people above 60 years and those age 45 years above and with comorbidities. The government has also released a list of 20 comorbidities. All of which are ranked under the category of immediate vaccination requirement. There are few simple ways in which you can register under the CoWIN 2.9 app. You also need to have the required details to be eligible for the vaccination.

How to Register for Covid Vaccine in India

The Indian citizens can access the portal by registering and booking an appointment for the jab. The portal link is The people in the eligible age (45 and above) should provide a certificate from the doctor. This will show whether they have any comorbidities. The last date for the calculating date is 1st, January 2021. The appointment closing time is 3 pm every day, for example on 1st, March. The portal opened at 9 am to go through till 3 pm. However, applicants can book for any other date and time using the portal.

Note, the second dose should be booked at the same Covid vaccination center. This is on the 29th day of the date of appointment for the 1st dose. Any user who cancels the first dose appointment will also have to cancel the second appointment. The two doses, work concurrently meaning after the first you need to book the second immediately.

One can register through the app using their operational mobile number. The system allows the user to book four beneficiaries under the same mobile number. However, the photo ID of the applicants should be different.

How to Download COVID Vaccination Certificate

You can download covid vaccination certificate online just following this simple procedure

  1. Go to the CoWIN 2.0 website page using the link
  3. Next, enter your operational mobile number or Aadhaar number for registration.
  4. Next, enter your photo ID and the Aadhaar details.
  5. The system will send you an OTP, enter the OTP and submit it.
  6. After the registration, go to the vaccination center on the scheduled date and time. There you will get the vaccination done.
  7. You will receive a reference ID to help you get the vaccination certificate.
  8. For every vaccination, you need to get a certificate.

Comorbidities listed for the AGE 45 and Above

  1. Heart failure
  2. Moderateor severe valvular heart disease
  3. Coronary artery disease
  4. CT/MRI documented stroke.
  5. Diabetes >10 years with complications.
  6. Hypertension and on treatment
  7. The end-stage kidney disease and hemodialysis
  8. Any diagnosis on cancer or if on cancer therapy.

This is some of the fatal illness which the doctor which provide a medical certificate.

Prices for the Covid-19 Vaccination

All vaccines from government hospitals are free of cost. For the private facilities Price will be depending upon vaccination brand.


  1. Can I only get one vaccination dose?

    No, every applicant must get two doses of the vaccine to have a complete dose. You need to get the second one on the 29th day after the first dose. If you cancel the first one, you must cancel the second one too. You need two certificates for the two-dose.

  2. How else can I register for the Covid-19 vaccination?

    For users who cannot access the internet and cannot self-register. They can register on-site they are allowed to the identified CVC to get the vaccination.

  3. Which other sites can I get details about Covid-19 vaccination details?

    Users can use the CoWIN 2.0 portal, Union Ministry of Health, and National Health Authority.

  4. Covid-19 vaccination price in india

    Both Covid-19 Vaccinations are free of cost in government hospitals

  5. Cowin. gov. in certificate download

    Direct download link