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Delhi Jal Board

Popularly known as DJB, it’s a government agency in charge of potable water. The company transports water in the national capital territory of Delhi, India. The Delhi Jal Board was officially launched in 1998 on 6th April by the Delhi legislative assembly. The government body incorporates the Delhi water supply and sewage disposal.

The company treats and manages waste and sewage in Delhi, ensuring a clean water supply. The agency has, over the years, developed and covered a large area in the water supply. It had introduced a different new system where Delhi citizens can pay, check the status, and also launch complaints online.

Delhi jal board bill payment

The agency serves more than 160 lakh Delhi population and offers clean water everyday. It provides 50 gallons of water per capita per day, in which citizens are guarantee proper treatment and sensitization. DJB maintains its pipe systems and ensures the distribution process is safe for all citizens. Delhi Jal board provides different services such as:

  • The board has an active online system to help reach all citizen’s needs quickly.
  • It offers job opening to persons with plumbing skills if the need arises.
  • The DJB company has videos for great achievements over the years.
  • Recycle waste and manage waste in the city.
  • The company sells and disposes old newspapers as Raddi from the public relations office.
  • Helping in the current situation of Covid-19, educate, and help in preventive measures.
  • Timing of water supply in Delhi starting from 1st April 2020.

Delhi Jal Board Bill Payment

Delhi city benefits from the DJB water supply each day; the residents are provide with enough water to cater for their needs. The company has invested in different water-saving practices such as septic tanks, harvesting rainwater, and cleaning and reusing water by the use of water treatment methods. However, the company imposes a fee to every citizen benefiting from the water supply. A bill is sent. The money is used to pay Delhi Jal board employees and help in various projects.

Delhi Jal Board Bill Payment Online 2024

Late payments lead to fine, water shut-off, and a fee to help connect back the water in case shut-off. Ensure the water bill is paid on time to avoid the cut-down or late fine. Citizens can use the Paytm online platform to pay for their bills in simple steps below.

  1. Visit the official DJB website page on the Paytm platform.
  2. Select “Pay Online” option from left side bar
  3. Give your connection number (KNO Number)/ RR number/ k number on the space provided.
  4. Next, click on the proceed button to get the payable amount.
  5. Now select the payment mode to use, such as credit card, debit card, net banking, or UPI.

Delhi JAL Board Duplicate Bill 2024

How to view and get print of a bill?
You can generate a duplicate bill of your water bill in the following procedure.

  1. Open the following link
  3. you will get homepage of Revenue Management System Delhi jal Board.
  4. In that, select View or print Latest Bill.
  5. Enter your KNO number.
  6. Enter the text from image in the box given.
  7. Select View Bill option.
  8. You can view your bill and also get print of your bill as given above.

Complaint Redressal System

The Delhi Jal board serves millions of citizens daily. A large number of people are challenging to handle and might overwhelm the company. To help in reaching the citizens, the company introduced a toll-free number to help in complaints, compliments, and enquires. The number works round the clock, where one makes a complaint and receive an SMS with a reverence number. The company also has a mobile app to help in the delivery of services. Citizens need to download the app and check on the complaint section. The company responds fast to resolve any water-related issues.


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