EPF Form – List of EPF Forms, PF Form 2024 Free Download

EPF form 31, 14, 10d, 10c, 13, 19, 20, 2, 5 IF, 15 G, 5, 11. PF Form 2024 Free Download at https://www.epfindia.gov.in/site_en/Downloads.php

EPF Form

EPF is an excellent retirement benefits scheme developed to suit India’s organizational (private and public) employees. The social scheme guarantees of better retirement future for applicants. A set amount is deducted every month and directed to the PF account. EPFO manages the funds and disburses the funds on retirement or exceptional cases. Each EPF member has a PF account to trace their monthly contributions easily.

To access the PF funds, the account holder needs to request through EPF forms. The EPFO body provides various EPF forms to assist the user in withdrawing or transferring funds. Each form has significant meaning; the member needs to understand the form details before filling. Note some EPF forms are directed to the employer and others to the employee.

EPF Form
EPF form 31, 14, 10d, 10c, 13, 19, 20, 2, 5 IF, 15 G, 5, 11

Types of EPF Forms

List of EPF form 31, 14, 10d, 10c, 13, 19, 20, 2, 5 IF, 15 G, 5, 11

EPF form 31

The EPFO allows users to withdraw funds before the actual retirement time. The member needs to fill the Form 31 for partial withdrawal. Members can fill the form 31 online or offline depending on preference.

EPF form 14

The EPF scheme helps members with life insurance policy benefits. To apply for LIC policy through PF account. The member should fill out Form 14, submit it to the employer for attestation, and finally, send it to the EPF commissioner.

EPF form 10D

Form 10 D applies to members seeking pension benefits. The process is applicable if the member has completed 10 years of service in the formal sector. Form 10D is for pensioners only and should be filled during retirement.

EPF form 10C

Form 1oC is filled by an applicant whose pension funds accumulate in the EPF account. The EPF member can also use the form to get an EPF scheme certificate. This helps the user transfer the EPF amount to a different EPF account in case of a new job.

Form 13

Currently, form 13 is merged with the composite claim form. To help users transfer funds fast once they shift to a new job. The form works as a transfer form for old EPF funds to a new PF account.

EPF form 19

To gain the final settlement for old PF account funds. The member must fill the form 19 to transfer and merge the old account funds with the new account. Form 19 offers various payment modes to help in the transfer process.

EPF form 20

The EPF form 20 is designed for nominees or eligible heirs of the EPF member. It helps the nominee claim the EPF funds in case of death, disability, or severe illness. The EPFO will credit the nominee’s account after verification.

EPF form 2

The EPF members use form 2 for the declaration of EPS and EPF accounts. The user can fill the form multiple times using online and offline modes.

EPF form 5 IF

Form 15 works under the Employees Deposit Linked Insurance EDLI. EPF members use it to claim insurance once the member dies before retirement. Note the employer or gazetted officer should attest to the form.

EPF form 15 G

To help save tax on the interest earned through EPF funds. The member should fill the form 15G online or offline. The same applies when claiming withdrawal of funds before five (5) years. Senior citizens need to fill form 15H instead of 15G.

EPF form 5

This is part of the employer’s application form for new employees’ details. The employer enters information of first-time employees who don’t have an EPF account. The form needs to be submitted to the EPFO on the 15th of every month.

EPF form 11

This form allows members to shift from one job to another quickly. The member should fill form 11 when moving from one position to another. The process doesn’t affect UAN, but the PF account and member IDs will change.

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  1. Can I apply for the EPF withdrawal through the offline method?

    Yes, the user can download the form online and fill in the mandatory details. Once done, submit the forms to the respective authorities.

  2. What will happen if the nominee is a minor?

    The child will get help from the eligible guardian to receive the EPF funds.

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