How to Delete OLA Ride History, How to View OLA Ride History & Delete It

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Modern technology has eased commuter services as one can book a cab from the comfort of their home. Today internet connects customers with cab services through mobile apps. The digital app makes it easy to estimate the ride price, distance, and location. Cab ride share services are available worldwide, making it easy to request rides even in foreign countries.

Ola Cabs is among the top-best and multinational ride share Companies in India. The Company has multiple connections in Australia, New Zealand, and other regions. Ola offers other digital services like financial services, cloud kitchen (food tech business), and Ola fleet. The riding company is pretty significant to many people in and outside India. One can request an Ola cab anytime at affordable prices. Ola is available in more than 110 Indian cities, making it an effective transport option for many.

How to Delete OLA Ride History

How to Book a Ride with Ola Cabs

  • Go to your Google Play store (or) App store.
  • Enter the Ola Cabs details on the search box to avail the correct option.
  • Download and install the Ola app on your device.
  • Next, open to register and create an account using your active mobile number and email ID.
  • The system will send an OTP code to your mobile number.
  • Use the OTP to verify the details. The system can also auto-detect the details and complete the verification process.
  • Once the account is done, the system will show your current location in real-time on Google maps.
  • Suppose the user needs a ride; they should enter the pickup location. Ensure to enter the correct address or enable the location on your device.
  • Next, enter the drop location to proceed.
  • Choose your preferred cab from the available cabs near you—examples of Ola cabs, prime, India, Mini, and Sedan.
  • The page will show two options: Ride later or Ride now.
  • Users should select the “Ride later” option if they need a later ride.
  • Click the “Ride now” tab to book the ride.
  • The system will send a confirmation of the cab, driver, and other ride details on the registered number.
  • Give the driver a few minutes to pick you up. The app allows the user to track the driver.
  • You can use the OLA money or cash to pay for your cab services.

The OLA cab services are very convenient and available anytime. The Company allows user to select their favorite car on the portal. The app saves the customers booking requests every time one calls or books a cab. The information may accumulate on the device, taking up the app’s space. One should use the following guiding steps below to reduce the Ola cab history.

How to View OLA Ride History

To get the content of your cab history, one can view it from the history section.

  1. Visit your OLA cab account.
  2. Enter your login credentials and proceed to the account dashboard.
  3. Go to the “Ride History” tab.
  4. The page will display all cab history on the screen.
  5. One can also check it from the OLA website portal.
  6. Select “My Account” and proceed to the “Ride History” tab.
  7. The portal will display the history.

How to Delete OLA Ride History

Step by step to delete the Ola cab history. After checking the history, one can determine which history to delete as follows:

  • Go to the OLA can account.
  • Proceed to the “Settings” tab > “Ride history” option.
  • Next, click the Delete Ride History” option, and confirm the request to complete the process.

Our next article will be on How to delete Ola Cab Account Permanently 


  1. Can I book my ride from the OLA website?

    Suppose the user doesn’t have their mobile number or app details. They can visit the OLA website and conduct any riding activity easily.

  2. How much is required to open an OLA app?

    The OLA app is free to download and install and is available on all operating systems.