Indian Bank Mini Statement Number, Missed Call, SMS, Online

Simple ways to get Indian Bank Mini Statement: Generate Indian Bank Mini Statement through SMS, ATM, Net banking, Mobile banking. Indian bank last 5 transactions missed call number 2024.


Whether mini or full bank statements, the documents are pretty essential in everyone’s financial lifestyle. It’s a simple guide to users’ spending and investment habits. Moreover, an account statement allows one to monitor any fraudulent activities in their account. Overall, mini-statement or complete statements are significant documentation that should be checked regularly. It’s advisable not to share the documents as they hold crucial bank and user information.

Indian Bank India is very specific in customer services; the bank offers different platforms such as mobile banking, SMS banking, internet banking, and more. Customers get the privilege to bank from anywhere through their smart devices. This doesn’t limit users without an internet connection from availing services like bank mini statements. Accountholders can use SMS methods, missed calls, or ATMs to access the document.

Indian Bank Mini Statement

indian bank mini statement number 2024
Indian bank mini statement number 2024

Methods to avail Indian Bank Mini Statement

  • Through internet banking
  • Using the Indian bank mobile app (IndOASIS) 
  • Internet banking
  • By sending SMS
  • Giving a missed call
  • Going to the nearest ATM
  • Bank branch

Indian Bank Mobile Registration

To access mini statements via mobile-based services, the user must register their mobile number with the bank. The process is easier during account opening but can be conducted later. Mobile number registration allows users to access mobile banking, SMS, and missed call services.

Registration is conducted at the bank; visit the nearest Indian Bank branch and fill out the registration form. One can also update the detail via an ATM or SMS to the designated number.

Indian Bank SMS Banking

1BALAVLBalance CheckBALAVL <Ac no> <MPIN>
2LATRANLast 3 Transactions checkLATRAN <Ano> <MPIN> LATRAN <MPIN> For default account
3CHQSTSCheque issue status EnquiryCHQSTS <chq no> <Ac no> <MPIN> CHQSTS <chq no> <MPIN> For default account
4DCHSTSDeposited Cheque Status checkDCHSTS <chq no> <Ac no> <MPIN> DCHSTS <chq no> <MPIN> For default account
5CHGPINChange canara bank Mobile Banking PINCHGPIN <New MPIN> <OMPIN>
Indian Bank SMS Codes

How to Check Indian Bank Mini Statement Through Missed Call

  • Using the registered mobile number, call the number 1800-425-00000 or 8108781085.
  • The call will disconnect after two rings.
  • The bank system will process the mini-statement displaying the last three transactions.

Indian bank mini statement missed call number : 8108781085 or 180042500000.

Steps to Get Indian Bank Mini Statement Using SMS Banking

The SMS method is also easy and fast; account users can request for mini statement through the mobile number using the steps below:

Send an SMS: LATRAN <account number>MPIN> send to 9444394443.

The account user will receive an SMS containing the last three transactions on the bank account.

How to Check Mini Statement Using a Canara Mobile Banking APP

Bank customers can access different bank services through the Indpay mobile app. To acquire a mini statement, use the following process:

  1. Open your Google play store or Apple App store to download the Indpay app.
  2. Launch the application and complete the registration process to continue.
  3. Go to the login page and enter your user ID and MPIN to access the app.
  4. Click the “saving accounts” option under the “My account” section.
  5. Proceed to the mobile passbook tab to view account transactions.
  6. Choose the period of the statement and download or send it to your email.

Indian Bank Mini Statement by Net Banking

Steps to access mini statement using internet banking

  1. Visit the Indian Bank Net banking portal.
  2. Enter your login credentials to access the account.
  3. Check details such as account balance, mini statement, transactions, etc.
  4. Select the mini-statement option to access account transactions.
  5. Enter the period (month and year) you wish to get the statement.
  6. The details will show on the screen, download, or request for email.

How to Get an Indian Bank Mini Statement by Visiting the ATM

  • Go to the nearest Indian Bank ATM.
  • Swipe or insert your ATM card and choose your preferred language.
  • Enter your ATM PIN and proceed to the mini statement option.
  • Select the preferred timeframe to continue.
  • Take a printout by selecting the “yes” button.

Step by step for Indian Bank Balance Check


  1. What are the charges for the Indian Bank mini statement?

    The bank doesn’t charge any amount for acquiring a mini statement. However, there may be standard charges from the SMS service.

  2. Can I request my mini statement with a new mobile number?

    No, the bank requires the user to use the registered mobile number. You can visit the bank to update the new number on the system.