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Krishak Bandhu

Farming business takes a considerable percentage in West Bengal State. The majority of WB residents conduct farming business for commercial and domestic use. The state government upholds all agricultural activities to ensure state economic growth and better livelihood. The Krishok Bandhu is a legal scheme for all eligible farmers in WB.

The scheme helps farmers access farm products such as grains, fertilizers, machinery, and more. The WB state Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee launch the Krishak Bandhu scheme to offer financial support to all farmers.

Eligible farmers should apply for the financial benefits to boost their farming business and increase their farm output. Every year West Bengal state will offer Rs. 5000 to the farmers. They will also benefit from product and market for their produce. To access any information, WB has introduced a Krishak Bandhu website portal which contains all farm-related details.

Krishak Bandhu Application Status 2023

Required Documents

  • Identity proof documents such as Aadhaar card, driving license, Pan Card, passport.
  • Death certificate in case beneficiary dies.
  • Krishak Bandhu card
  • Self-declaration of the applicant.
  • A copy of ROR.

How to Register for Krishak Bandhu Scheme 2024

  1. Visit the Krishak Bandhu website page using the link
  2. Click the login tab on the homepage.
  3. Direct link
  4. Next, click the “farmer’s registration” button to initiate the process.
  5. Enter your voter ID to help verify your citizenship (WB citizen) and proceed.
  6. Now enter the family details and relation to the members.
  7. The applicant needs to upload the required documents.
  8. Recheck all the information and click submit button.

Krishak Bandhu Cheque 2024 list WB

The Krishak Bandhu applicants can check their names on the portal using the steps below.

  1. Open the Krishak Bandhu website portal.
  2. Click the login button and proceed to the “Krishak Bandhu list” option.
  3. The system will open a new page, choose your respective district, and block your name on the list.
  4. Next, click the Krishak Bandhu view list tab.
  5. The page will display the name on the screen; scroll to check your name.

Krishak Bandhu Application Status

Step by step process to check krishak bandhu application status

  1. Log in to the official Krishak Bandhu website page.
  2. Select the registered farmer’s details to access the application status.
  3. Click the farmer’s search tab to continue.
  4. The login page will show you enter your username and password to access the page.
  5. Once on the page, check the application status.
  6. The portal will show whether the application is rejected, accepted, or pending.

Benefits of Krishak Bandhu Scheme

  • Krishak Bandhu beneficiaries receive Rs.2 lakh as life insurance cover.
  • Suppose the benefiting farmer die, the nominee or family members will continue receiving the funds.
  • Farmers receive Rs. 5,000 for crop insurance, it’s divided into two installments.
  • The death insurance is offered within 15days.

How to Apply For the Death Benefit in Krishak Bandhu 2024

  1. Navigate to the EB Krishak Bandhu website portal.
  2. On the homepage, select “download the application form.”
  3. A new page will open; enter your details as requested.
  4. Proceed and key your block and district on the page.
  5. Recheck the information and click submit button.
  6. The system will generate death benefits on the screen.

Required Documents for Death benefit

  • The farmer’s date of death.
  • Deceased name
  • The wife or son’s name
  • Age of claimant
  • Identity proof documents
  • Land information
  • Relation with the farmer/deceased.
  1. What will happen after the primary beneficiary dies?

    Krishak Bandhu scheme also considers family members of the beneficiary. In case the farmer dies, the rightful heir or nominee can benefit from the scheme.

  2. What is the purpose of the Krishak Bandhu scheme?

    The scheme is designed to help all farmers in WB with farm-related products and financial benefits.