Manipur Employee Pay Slip 2024, CMIS Salary Slip Online Download

Quick and Easy Ways to Manipur Employee Pay Slip (payslip) 2024 Download. CMIS Salary Slip Online Download 2024. Download Manipur Employee Salary Slip 2024 at

Manipur Employee Pay Slip

The Manipur Government is among the top governments in India venturing into digitalization. The state employees enjoy flexible payment platforms that offer on-time and real-time services. The state government, through the Financial Department, has established a unique online portal to cater to all employee salary details.

The Manipur utilizes an epayroll system designed by the Financial Department, Department of Treasuries and Accounts. The department has also introduced the CMIS and IFMS portal to ease payment services in all government sectors. Employees can view pay slips, allowances, pension details, leaves and comprehensive salary data online.

The digital functions eliminate congestion and delays in departments, giving workers real-time data. To operate the e-payroll platforms, eligible users should register to avail username for safe login.

manipur employee pay slip 2024, cmis salary slip online download
Manipur employee pay slip 2024, CMIS Salary Slip 2024 Online Download

Benefits of Manipur Employee Salary Slip 2024

Manipur employee salary slip 2024 serves significant roles to the users such as:

  • It helps employees to have a clear view of earnings and deductions from their salary are done.
  • Manipur employee salary slip enables employees to save time.
  • The salary slip 2024 offers employees accurate statements of the transactions.
  • Departmental heads can easily manage all employees’ data online.
  • Salary slips are proof of employment and income. The document is significant while applying for loans or new work positions.

Manipur Employee Salary Slip 2024 Download

The provision of the ePayroll system’s official website has eased the work of the Manipur State Government, Department of Treasuries and Accounts to enable employees to get their pay slips. The given process will help the employees download their payslips:

  • An employee needs to open the link Website.
  • The user needs the following requirements logged in:
  • Employee ID.
  • Password.
  • Open the choices and choose the “Employee” option.
  • Move to the salary statement section and hit “salary slip file.”
  • The page will offer different dates/months, such as three or last six months’ salary slips.
  • One should select the preferred month and download.
  • The payslip will be saved in PDF format on your device.

NB. The online pay slips must be produced on the DAT website, and if not, you can follow the offline method by going to the DDO (Drawing and Disbursing Officer) during the given visiting hours and days.

CMIS Salary Slip Online Download 2024 Process

2024-2025 CMIS Salary slip online download process

  • Go to Manipur Payroll website or
  • Click on the “CMIS” tab to access the Treasuries and Account Department portal.
  • The next page require user to enter “employee Code” tab.
  • Proceed to the “Salary Bill” option. The page will display the salary slip “months and year.” Choose the time frame you wish to avail the slip.
  • Check to verify the information and click the “download” tab.
  • The PDF form will be saved in the download section.

The Manipur employee salary slip 2024 content.

Salary slips are detailed and contain work-employee-related data such as:

  • The total salary (gross salary).
  • Salary deductions e.g.
  • Insurance.
  • Tax.
  • Allowances.
  • Bonus and overtime data
  • Net salary.

Issue of new pay slips.

The Department head can opt to issue new pay slips due to various conditions, such as:

  • Transfer of an officer.
  • Suppose the employee gets an increase or decrease in salary.
  • When there are new appointments or promotions.
  • Changes in salary.

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  1. What are the benefits of the Manipur employee salary slip 2024?

The Manipur employee salary slip 2024 is as follows:

  • It enables employers to save time.
  • The salary slip 2024 offers employees accurate salary statements.
  • Employees get a clear view of their deductions and earnings of their salary.
  • The government provides timely payment and salary slips.
  1. Which is the Manipur official website?

The Manipur official website is