Name Change Online | The Official Name Change Process in India (Affidavit)

How can i change my name online | The Official Name Change Process in India step by step process through name change affidavit & How to Change Name Legally in India more details are given below

Name Change Online

A name has much meaning; it’s an identity and unique for everyone. Some names hold family history, while others are associated with good things in life. However, one might decide to change the Name for specific reasons such as good luck, marriage, or rectification. Name changing in India follows a legal protocol which is lengthy but worth trying. The Central government has special online services where you can change your Name in simple steps. The process requires three legal steps, as follows:

  • Get an affidavit for a Change of Name.
  • Placing a newspaper advertisement about the name change.
  • Submit the papers to the department of the publication.

How to Change Name Legally in India

Name Change Online
Name Change Online

Eligibility for the name change

The applicant should be 18 years and above. Name changing for minor is different.

Required documents for Name Change

Individuals wishing to change their Names should produce several documents for publication. The details are used for advertising in the Gazette of India.

  • An affidavit copy was signed by the applicant and attested by the judicial magistrate.
  • A newspaper with the name change advertisement given.
  • Have a proforma with signatures of the applicant and two witnesses. The proforma should be computer typed, not handwritten.
  • Provide a soft copy (compact disc) with details(typed details not scanned) of the application in MS word format. In the applicant’s signature area, enter the old Name, and the witness details shouldn’t be included. 
  • Applicant to provide a certificate declaring that the content in soft and hard copy are similar. They should sign the certificate copy for verification.
  • Produce two recent passport-size photographs, both attested by the applicant.
  • A photograph of the valid id proof it should be self-attested by the applicant.
  • Have the request letter and the allocated fee by the authority.

Name Change Process

1.Create an Affidavit

The applicant needs to provide an affidavit that explains why you’re changing the Name. The affidavit copy also affirms the following details:

  • The full names of the applicant.
  •  The father’s Name or husband in case it’s a married woman.
  • A residential address.
  • A copy of the declaration that the details on the affidavit are true and correct.

Now the applicant has to sign the affidavit. A judicial magistrate should also attest it.

2.Placing an Advertisement in the Newspaper

The applicant’s name change details must be advertised in a local newspaper showing accurate information. Ensure to enter the old names and the new names in the advertisement. The advert should also have a full residential address, the witness’s names, and the attesting authority. The place and date on which the affidavit was made. Government employees need to submit a deed for the name change according to the Ministry of Home affairs rule.

3.Applying for a Change of Name in the Gazette

An applicant will provide the required documents above, printing charges, and forwarding letter. All these are sent to the controller of publication. The department of publication civil lines (Delhi-110054). The applicant can send the documents by post or by post.

A person from one religion may wish to adopt a new religion without changing their religion. They should provide an affidavit showing they haven’t changed their faith. The sub-divisional magistrate then signs the affidavit. The amount of printing and other process varies in such cases.

The documents will go through verification by the authorized person. After completing the process, the records are sent to respective government authorities. The publication takes one-two months for the name change ad to appear in the Gazette publication (part IV).