IRCTC Refund Status – Train Ticket Refund Status

Quick Steps to Check Indian Railways Refund Status live through Ask Disha Chatbot. Train Ticket Refund Status. How to Check IRCTC Refund Status at irctc portal at

IRCTC Refund Status

Artificial intelligence is a digital fuel running many industries globally. Most institutions invest in AI-based systems to work efficiently and increase productivity. It’s a simple and compatible facility that aligns with existing systems, thus eliminating the need to change or buy new items. The technology is also easy to implement, as employees can manage AI gadgets without IT expertise.

India, a tech-developing country, has implemented various digital facilities to run different sectors. The Indian Railway is an excellent example of advanced technology, as passengers can book, cancel and check multiple services online. The Railways department has upgraded the system by introducing a chatbot called “Ask Disha” to assist in train services such as a status check.

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Ask Disha Chatbot (Digital Interaction to Request Help Anytime)

This has eased the overwhelming calls and congestion from customers seeking refunds or bookings. IRCTC developments are highly welcomed countrywide as they give users a simplified platform for queries. Ask Disha Chatbot is designed with amazing features such as:

  • The chatbot has Hindi and English language.
  • Customers can seek services like ticket booking, refunds, and reaching the support desk using OTP authentication.
  • The system doesn’t require any login credentials.
  • It is possible to reply live train queries on ticket cancellation and refunds.
  • Interested customers can verbally communicate their queries or send them as a chat.
  • Ask DISHA is developed by IRCTC and CoRover PVT.LTD, a Bengaluru Company.
  • IRTC is the first government Corporation to implement an AI-based chatbot.
  • The Railway department will link the chatbot to the IRCTC Android app.
  • ASK DISHA services are available throughout and indicated on the IRCTC website.

How to Check IRCTC Refund Status on the Ask DISHA Platform

Steps to check IRCTC Refund Status on the Ask DISHA platform

  1. Open the IRCTC website portal.
  3. Located ASK DISHA icon at the bottom section of the page.
  4. Select the “refunds status” option to proceed.
  5. Next, choose your preferred options:
    • Ticket cancellation
    • Failed transaction
    • TDR
  6. Select the “ticket cancellation” tab and enter your PNR.
  7. The system will send a PNR message showing the status.
  8. For example, the “Refund of Rs amount for the PNR has successfully processed the Ref No will display on the screen.

How to Use the ASK DISHA Chatbot

The features use text and voice services; customers seeking help can chat or send a voice message. Type the enquiry in the text space provided. The system will avail the answers base on the IRCTC website to solve any issue. The corporation promises to improve the chatbot service and knowledge to ensure all questions are answered comprehensively.

How to Check PNR Status

Step by step to check trail PNR Status

  1. Go to the IRCTC website portal.
  3. Proceed to the AI- Chatbot at the bottom of the page.
  4. Select the ASK DISHA 2.0 to state your PNR status inquiry.
  5. Enter your PNR number to proceed.
  6. The ASK DISHA 2.0 facility will generate the details on the given PNR number.

How to Check IRCTC Refund Status in IRCTC Portal

Step by step to check Refund Status via the IRCTC Portal

  1. Navigate to the IRCTC website page.
  3. Enter your account login details to access the portal.
  4. Go to the “check refund status” tab and enter your PNR number.
  5. Next, key in the date of the journey and press the submit button.
  6. The page will process the status on the screen.


  1. What are the requirements for using ASK DISHA?

    The facility is open to all users and requires no details to access it.

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