TSAR Registration 2024 | How to Fill Teachers Self-Assessment Rubrics | TSAR APP at

The TSAR Registration 2024: How to fill Teachers Self Assessment Rubrics TSAR login at tsar.ncert.org.in | TSAR APP at


Teaching is the most sought-after career and significant course globally. Teachers impact long life knowledge on great courses such as doctors, Engineers, and more. Besides academic knowledge, students are equipped with life skills to ensure they cope with different life challenges. Teachers play a significant role regardless of the career level. India provides several programs to assist teachers and also help in assessments.

The TSAR (Teachers Self-Assessment Rubrics) is an online platform designed for teachers in India. The government aims to implement the program across India through the Education department. Teachers should register under the program and key all required details online. NCERT developed TSAR to help assess all teachers in the country. The assessment tool will allow teachers to provide details on their performance.


For fast access, the Education department has also developed a mobile application. To allow for easy and fast access to the TSAR portal. Here the department has designed 40 questions to help rate the teacher’s performance. The program helps empower teachers, learn of any arising issues in the department and appreciate their work. The program will also improve the quality of education as the government will provide all required facilities.Teachers can access the link to complete the registration process.

TSAR Registration 2024

The Education department provides an open portal for all teachers. The teacher needs to register to access any service online.

  1. Open the Telangana TSAR Website page. (or)
  2. Next, click
  3. The “register without OTP code” option on the homepage menu.
  4. The system will open a new page
  5. Enter your email ID to continue.
  6. Again confirm the email ID on the space provided
  7. Enter your employee ID, school ID, Mandal ID, and district ID
  8. Proceed and enter your preferred password for the portal
  9. Confirm the password and select the register button

How to Login to TSRA Website

  1. Go to the TSAR website page using the link
  3. Press the login button to open the login page.
  4. Key in your email ID and password to proceed.
  5. Users can click remember me option for easy access.
  6. Click the sign-in option to open the portal.

TSAR Teacher Training Program

The TSAR program is created to assist all teachers employed at government schools, Kgbv; model schools aided schools and local bodies.It’s open for language Pandit, school assistance, PETS, PDS, Principles, and CRT. The eligible user gains different services through an online portal such as YouTube channels which runs from 10 am to 12:30 pm. Teachers also get Zoom classes which are available by downloading on smart devices.Teachers can identify weak points and strengths through the TSAR programs. To avail of the services, the eligible teacher will use treasury ID as their password.

Filling the TSAR Online Application

The SSA Telangana TSAR is open from 18th April 2021. Teachers can register and fill the application form in the following steps.

  1. Go to the Telangana teacher’s website page.
  2. Next, click the TSAR registration tab.
  3. Complete the registration process as indicated above. To get your login credentials.
  4. Once you log in, select the dashboard to access the teacher’s profile. One can change any detail directly on the profile section.
  5. The system will display the TSAR teacher data entry page
  6. Enter the following details:
    • Teacher profile
    • Academic qualification
    • Person qualifications
    • Experience
    • Service class
    • Subject taught
    • Performance
    • Feedback and descriptive
  7. Recheck the details for confirmation and press the confirmation button.
  8. Note once you key in the confirmation option, you cannot edit any detail. Ensure to recheck before submitting the application.

TSAR Mandal Registration

  • Open the TSAR website page.
  • Next, enter the request details.
  • The MRC needs a one-time MRC id to proceed.
  • Enter the Mandal UDISE code and design a strong password.
  • The system will register the details.

Teacher Self-assessment PDF Download

Download link




  1. Which school teachers are applicable in the TSAR program?

    Teacher working in government schools, aided schools, KGBV, model schools, local bodies, language Pandit, Tries schools, school assistance, principals, PGTS, CRTs, etc.

  2. What is TSAR?

    Teachers Self-Assessment Rubric is a program to help the teacher assess their performance through an online platform. The program is designed to help in improving education and empowering teachers in India.

For more information about tsar teachers self assessment 2024 visit https://ncert.nic.in/pdf/announcement/TSAR.pdf