Voter ID Verification | Voter Card Verification Online 2023 at

Voter ID Verify | Voter Card Verification Online 2023 at How to Verify & Authenticate Voter ID at NVSP Online portal

Voter ID is a significant legal document in India. The document holds biometric details of the voter or cardholder. Its primary purpose is to assist the voter to participate in the elections. One can select their preferred candidate in different elections. Besides the voting process, the card acts a proof identity card and address document. Eligible Indian citizens can apply for the card through the CEO (Chief Electoral Officer) in their area. The application process happens both online and offline. Applicant must fill the relevant registration form to complete the process.

Voter ID card is used to check the identity and eligibility to participate. The verification process helps the election body to allow. Only registered voters to access the polling station and to provide the right of voting for every voter. The National Election committee uses digitalized process to check biometric details. They can also check the previous registration information and match with the voter card details.

Voter ID Verification
Voter ID Verification

Voter ID Verification Process 2023

  1. Visit the government website or National Election portal (NVSP).
  3. The website contains all election details such as application details, registration process etc.
  4. Select the correct forms on the portal. New applicants should fill the Form 6. Enter the required details and upload the mandatory documents. Submit the form to complete the registration process.
  5. For offline applications, one should submit all the document to the nearest ERO/BLO. Ensure to drop the forms and documents to avoid loss personally.
  6. Verification process happens offline, where the electoral officer talks to neighbours and society about your address.
  7. In biometric voter verification, the details are saved in the form of a 2D barcode or embedded chip. It can also be stored in databases for the National electoral committee voter registration database.

Voter Verification with Voter Card

The voter card is inserted on the scan machine, and the fingerprint or iris are captured. The details are matched against the bio-metric data given on the card. The voter registration number is used as the search option. The officers also compare the voter registration number with the list of other voters.

Voter Verification Without Voter’s Card

The officers don’t verify the card using registration number on the card. The identity is matched with the voter’s fingerprint or iris. The officers use the registration data on the National election database. If the details match, the voter is allow to participate in the election.

Application Number for voter card verification

After the application process, one is issue with an application number. The number helps check application status. The Election commission of India only administers the number.

Why is the Voter ID Verification Necessary?

India is a large country with different political parties. The Country offers eligible citizens the right to choose their candidate freely. All vying candidates should try and gain more numbers to win the elections. The Country uses voter ID card to fulfill the voting process. Voter card verification is used to:

  • To stop multiple voting with the same card.
  • Reduce chances for fake voter card circulation.
  • Reduce election corruption, such as bribery.

 The verification method is the best way to eliminate fake documents and stop multiple voting.

Voter Verification in India (All States)

The voter verification methods above are used in the whole of India. All state government has strict measurement when issuing voter ID cards. Each state has a Chief Electoral officers who govern and conduct the state Assembly. They also conduct the Lok Sabha elections and the Gram Panchayat elections. The CEO works with the National election body to set verification rules for all voters in the Country.