YES Bank RTGS Form Download 2024, YES Bank NEFT Form PDF Download Free

How to fill YES Bank RTGS/NEFT form 2024. YES Bank RTGS Form PDF Download | YES Bank NEFT Form PDF Download for free of cost online

YES Bank

The YES Bank is one of India’s private operating banks; it’s famous for its unique banking and financial services since 2004. The Bank works in the private sector section and is fully regulated by the RBI. YES, Bank offers services online and offline, where customers can use internet banking, RTGS/NEFT to transfer and receive money. The RTGS services are quite famous and fast and highly recommended by the Bank to transfer money to various accounts.

What is RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement)? This a digital money transfer banking system. The service transacts money from one account to another within 30-60 minutes from when the authorize transaction. The services offer a minimum amount to transfer using RTGS as RS 2 lakhs. Account-holders should fill the RTGS form to enjoy fast banking services.

YES Bank RTGS Form
YES Bank RTGS Form

RTGS/NEFT Time Limits and Prices

The RTGS time limit is the same for all banks according to the RBI rules. The service, though, is not 24 hours regulated the time is convenient to transfer cash anywhere. The service times are from 7 am to 6 pm on weekday and Saturdays the services starts at 9 am and closes at 4 pm on weekdays and 2:30 pm for Saturdays. For Sundays and official holidays, no RTGS banking service is conducted.

YES Bank RTGS Form

The RBI provides Bank with a list of RTGS charges though some banks slightly differ.

  • RTGS transactions, which are above 2 lakhs to 5 lakhs, go for RS 25.
  • RTGS transactions that are above the five lakhs go for RS 50.
  • For RTGS payments via net banking and mobile banking, the Bank offers the services for free.

Requirements for Filling the RTGS Form

  • For the sender, they need a pan card and registered mobile number.
  • The receiver details are:
    • Bank account number and full names.
    • The bank and branch name
    • Registered mobile number.

How to Fill YES Bank RTGS Form?

The YES bank RTGS form is provide in different languages to accommodate all people. You can either download or receive from the email or fax used in both online and offline services.

Details to fill in the YES RTGS Form

  • Payment details
  • The remitters information such as:
    • PAN card
    • Full names as on the account.
    • Registered mobile number.
    • The official address
    • Account number
    • Type of account
    • If you’re using a cheque, give the cheque number and date.
  • Beneficiary details:
    • Full beneficiary names
    • The purpose of the money
    • Beneficiary account type
    • Account number
    • The message from the sender to the receiver.
  • Read the terms and conditions mentioned in the form and accept to proceed.
  • Once the form is printed, you need to sign, and the other part is left for official only.

Ensure to read the details and fill the correct information once the transaction is authorized. The money cannot be reversed, and it’s the sender’s fault if they don’t confirm the information. Check the amount and beneficiary account number to confirm.

Yes Bank RTGS NEFT Form 2024 PDF Download