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Axis Bank Credit Card

Axis Bank is a famous bank in India and third-largest in the private sector banks. The Bank has a variety of banking and financial services beneficial to all customers. Axis Bank registers millions of customers’ all-over India. Among the banking services is the credit card offers, a service embraced by many clients. Axis Bank customers can apply for their preferred credit card through online or offline mode after application can track their application status. Through several methods stated in the article.

Eligibility Criteria for Axis Bank Credit Card

The Axis Bank has several credit cards such as Flipkart Axis Bank credit card, Axis Bank Magnus card, Axis Bank Free charge credit card and more. Each card has benefits attached; the user can select their preferred card. Based on their diverse needs.

  1. All primary cardholders should be within the age limit of 18-70 years.
  2. The user should be an Indian resident.
  3. For add-on cardholder, they should be more than 15 years.

Required Documents

  • One recent passport photo size.
  • Your original PAN card and photocopy.
  • A form 16 and the last six months salary slips or income tax return copy.
  • Passport, ration card, electricity bill, telephone bill to show address and residence proof.

How to Apply for Axis Bank Credit Card

  1. Visit the Axis Bank website portal.
  2. On the homepage, select the tab “explore products.”
  3. Proceed and click the option credit cards from the menu.
  4. Next click on “apply now” right next to the credit card you prefer.
  5. Enter all the personal and professional information on the given page.
  6. Now click the text box which authorizes an Axis Bank representative. To call or text you regarding the credit card application.
  7. The Bank will take over from this step and process the details further.

Offline Application Process

  • Visit the nearest Axis Bank branch.
  • The bank officials will guide you through the application process.
  • You need to fill the credit card application form. Ensure to read and understand every detail.
  • Next, select the type of credit card you need.
  • Apply together with all required documents.
  • The Bank will verify the details and provide the credit card.

Axis Bank Credit Card Status 2024

Axis Bank credit card status check through online method.

The Bank provides simple ways to track your application status. The applicant can use their application ID, PAN card or mobile number.

Axis Credit Card Status Using the Application ID

  • Open the Axis Bank official website page.
  • Next, go to the Axis bank card status tracking page.
  • Choose the application ID as a means of checking the application status.
  • Now enter the application ID (Application Reference Number) and click submit.
  • The portal will show the Axis credit card status on the screen.

Axis Credit Card status
Axis Credit Card status check 2024

Axis Credit Card Application Status using PAN and Mobile Number

Step by step to check Axis Credit Card Application Status using PAN and Mobile Number

  1. Go to the Axis Bank website page.
  2. Proceed to the Axis card status tracking page.
  3. Direct Link:
  4. Click the tab PAN/mobile number as the preferred method to check the status.
  5. Next, enter your mobile number and PAN number to proceed. Note the number should match with the number you presented during the application process.
  6. Now click submit button, the page will display the application status instantly.

Axisbank Credit Card Status Checking Through Email

Procedure to check Axis Bank Credit Card Status Checking Through Email

  1. Navigate to the Axis bank website portal.
  2. Click on the option “email” from the menu.
  3. The message box will display, enter your application status request.
  4. Next, enter your application ID and captcha code.
  5. Now select the submit button. The Bank will send a reply containing your application ID status.

Axis Credit Card Application Status Using Airway Bill Number

Once you apply for the credit card, the Bank verifies the details. If they are correct, the Bank will send a letter and an Airway bill number. The number is proof of the shipment which carries the credit card.

  • Visit the Axis Bank website page.
  • On the menu, click the button “track your credit card.”
  • Next, enter the Airway bill number on the space provided.
  • The system will generate the location and expected date of delivery.

Axis Bank Credit Card Application Status Check via an Offline Method.

The applicant can check the status using offline mode. This means they can visit the bank branch or call customer care. However, the processes also require one to provide their application ID and other personal details to the bank officials. You can use toll-free numbers 18604195555 or 18605005555.

Application Status Results

The application status will provide the following results:

  • No records found: suppose the status indicates this type of results. It means the information you provided is incorrect. Check your details and apply again.
  • In progress: this means the Bank is still verifying the details and might approve or reject.
  • Approved: the result means the Bank has validated the details and accepted and will dispatch the card soon.
  • Dispatched: the card is already approved and sent to the address provided during application. You will receive all details of the location and arrival date.
  • On hold: the Bank keeps credit cards on hold if they require more information from the applicant. The Bank will call you for more details or send an SMS.

Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card Status Check Online


  1. Why is my credit card request rejected?

    There are different reasons why the Bank rejects credit card request or applications. Suppose the applicant doesn’t fulfil the eligibility criteria. Applicants with multiple credit cards and insufficient salary or frequently changing jobs might be a cause of rejection.

  2. How can I check the application status if my application ID is lost?

    In case you lost your application ID, you can use PAN/mobile number to check for the status.

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