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The ICICI Credit Card Application Status 2024 online, Using reference number, ICICI Bank Credit Card customer care, Tracking online through at Loan.icicibank.com

ICICI Credit Card Application Status

The ICICI multinational bank serves millions of customers each day through India and outside its boundaries. The bank has a variety of services which one is the credit card issuing to its loyal customers who use it for credit card bills payments and other services. However, there are various credit cards to apply using the ICICI bank.

Customers can apply for the card at the comfort of their homes via the ICICI bank website portal. The application process is directed at the page after the application one can track the status of the card from the same page.

ICICI Credit Card Application Status

How to Check ICICI Credit Card Application Status Online?

Once you apply for the credit card, it easy to follow whether the request was approve or declined. The customer needs to have a few documents as follows.

  • The application form which has the reference number.
  • Information on the PAN card.
  • Registered mobile number, your date of birth should be the same as on the application form.

Step by Step ICICI Bank Credit Card Status Check Process

  1. Go to the ICICI bank website portal and select the bank credit card application status page. https://loan.icicibank.com/asset-portal/my-applications-login
  2. On the menu, enter the application number, mobile number and date of birth.
  3. For applicants, without the application number, the system will prompt you to verify your identity. Key in the date of birth and mobile number, an OTP will be sent to the mobile number use it for verification.
  4. The application status will be displayed once the OTP is verified; all information should match details on the application form.

Offline Process for ICICI Credit Card Application Status

The bank offers different ways of accessing the credit card status. The offline process is also convenient for applicants who can access the internet or prefer the offline method.

  • The applicant needs to call ICICI credit card customer care number 1800 103 8181.
  • Have your application number ready to read it for the customer care officer.
  • You can also visit any ICICI bank branch near you for a status check.

Stages of the ICICI Credit Card Application Status

All bank uses a different time frame to process the credit card; the applicant will get a specific duration according to the day of application. To approve the request, the bank has to consider various factors such as customer eligibility, the total income, check information on the documents availed and your credit scores. The application status system helps give the number of days before the card is produced.

In Progress Stage

Applicants with the in-progress message indicate that the bank is still processing the application. Here they are checking and verifying the information.


On hold, the stage has different reasons, which are explain by the bank. If the documents don’t need much or are invalid, the bank will hold the process to request for more information such as proof documents. They will contact you for more information, and with that, they can proceed with the credit card application process.


The approved stage shows the card details were accepted, and you are eligible for a credit card. The recommended message will indicate that you will receive the card at a specific time through the mentioned address.


At this stage, the applicant will receive their card at bank’s 4-5 working days. The bank will send a message to say the credit card has been dispatched. Visit the mailing address to help in clearing and information verification.


The status means your request has been declined due to various reasons. The bank will offer information on why they can issue the card. If the information provided is not correct or has suspense and not matching to other documents. The bank will decline the request for better clarification; the bank will call or SMS the status. You can visit the bank for help, and maybe a new application process is valid.

No Records Found

Incorrect information will lead to cancellation, and also the system will keep any of the details. The applicant will receive a no record found status. Enter the details again ensure all details are correct and genuine to proceed with the new process.

Security Tips on ICICI Credit Card

Credit card is an easy way to access different financial services. It eases the payment methods and also helps you to work anywhere and send money without queueing at the bank. The card is essential as it holds all your cash, be careful not to leak any information to avoid hacking.

  • Use the card on trusted sites only; there are secure sites with the HTTPS protocol, which is a reliable and safe site to use the card. Applicants can only use the card on such website which has other additional features such as a lock on the URL. Only use secure online methods to transfer money to avoid hacking.
  • Don’t save your credit card number on any site or app for the security of your funds.
  • Check on phishing scams and hackers who send emails or links for you to access and they happen to take all your details.
  • Ensure you sign the back of your card, if stole or lost the can easily transact if not approved. They can use their name and signature to make transactions.


ICICI Credit Card Application Status
  1. Icici credit card application status customer care number

    credit card status of icici bank check customer care number. All India toll free number 1860 120 7777

  2. How can i track my icici credit card application status?

    You can track icici bank credit card application status through official online portal https://loan.icicibank.com/asset-portal/my-applications-login