ICICI Credit Card Balance Check, Missed Call, Online

ICICI Credit Card | How to Check ICICI Credit Card Balance through SMS, Missed Call, Whatsapp, iMobile app, Icici internet banking. Check ICICI Credit card balance without bank account. ICICI Credit Card Balance Check by Missed Call number at icicibank.com

ICICI Credit Card

Credit cards are user-friendly banking facilities that allow cardholders to buy goods and services on credit. Bank and financial institutions provide credit cards based on users’ credit scores, age, income, and other crucial factors. ICICI Bank India offers various credit card facilities to all eligible applicants. The card provides multiple credit services such as paying bills, purchasing goods, groceries, paying for travel, and more. It’s easy to gain reward points from the card, which the user redeems for better prizes.

Credit cardholders should regularly check their credit card balance like other banking services. The balance helps users learn about their spending and know their outstanding loans. Regular checks help users check for unfair bills or loans for rectifications with the ICICI bank. To check your ICICI debit card debt, users can use the following methods.

ICICI Credit Card Balance Check Online

Check ICICI Credit Card Balance

Methods for ICICI Creditcard Balance Check

  • Through SMS method
  • Using ICICI Whatsapp
  • Through iMobile app
  • Through Net Banking system

After Establishing the valid methods, the user needs to present the following details:

  • Applicant’s registered mobile with the bank.
  • Your ICICI net banking and login details
  • iMobile app

How to Check ICICI Credit Card Balance Through Whatsapp Platform

The ICICI Whatsapp number is open to all registered ICICI bank customers. To get the credit card balance check service. The user must use their registered mobile number to proceed with the following steps:

  1. Visit the ICICI bank Whatsapp via the number +91 9215676766.
  2. The app page will open, type “HI” and click send button.
  3. The page will send a confirmation message stating you’re registered for ICICI Whatsapp banking service
  4. Click the “banking services” option and enter the corresponding number. For example, for banking service, enter 1, block and unblock your card, enter 2, etc.
  5. Next, select “check credit card limit” enter the number aligning with the option
  6. The page will process your credit card balance. You will receive the available limit and outstanding balance details on the screen.

How to Get ICICI Credit Card Balance by Sending an SMS

The SMS method is very convenient and doesn’t use internet connections. The user can send an SMS in the format below.

  • On the SMS section, type: IBALCC< last six digits of your credit card number>send to 9215676766.
  • The system will generate the balance and send it via SMS.

How to Check Available Balance on ICICI CC through iMobile APP

  • Get the iMobile app on your smartphone to initiate the balance check process.
  • Register the request details such as registered mobile number, credit card PIN, etc.
  • Enter the login details or use biometric authentication to access the account.
  • Next, click the credit card number to open other credit card information such as “available limit” on the credit card.

Check ICICI Credit Card Balance Using ICICI Net Banking

  1. Visit the ICICI net banking website page https://www.icicibank.com
  2. Open the login page and enter your username and password.
  3. Next, select “cards” >” credit cards” > “available limit” options.
  4. The system will display the available balance on the screen.

ICICI Credit Card Balance Check by Missed Call

You can check ICICI Credit Card balance /statement through SMS, Missed Call, Whatsapp, iMobile app, Icici internet banking only. Through missed call ICICI Credit Card Balance Checking option Not available.


  1. Can I request my ICICI credit card balance by visiting the ICICI bank?

    Yes, credit cardholders can opt to visit the nearest ICICI bank branch for credit card balance and other banking services.

  2. Can a credit card user overpay their credit card bill?

    If the user decides to overpay a loan or bill, the card status will show a negative available balance. However, the ICICI bank or credit card provider owes the user the overpaid amount.

For more information visit about ICICI bank creditcard balance Check Online link at www.icicibank.com/statements.page