HDFC Credit Card Registration Online | How to Register HDFC Bank Credit Card at

How to Register HDFC Bank Credit Card. The HDFC Credit Card Registration 2024 through ATM, Net Banking. HDFC Bank Credit Card Online Registration for Existing Customers at

HDFC Credit Card Registration 2024

Banking facilities are easily interlinked through digital systems. A bank customer can operate all their account under one platform. HDFC Bank India allows account users to link their credit cards to banking systems such as mobile banking apps and internet banking services.

This helps the user access all credit card services through their smartphone or computer. The account user can pay utility bills or credit card bills online without swiping the card.

The digital transformation eliminates the use of cash and carrying cards for users. It’s a great way to contain all your banking information in a single digital portal. HDFC account user can register their credit card online through the net banking system.

HDFC Credit Card Registration 2024

Benefits and Features of HDFCBANK Net Banking Service

Credit card users can enjoy a variety of internet banking services such as:

  • Fast credit card bill payment.
  • Viewing balance and account statement.
  • Checking information about the credit loans.
  • Setting fund transfer schedule.
  • Simplicity to send and receive funds.
  • Paying taxes
  • Changing your credit card or account contact details using the net banking page.

Required Documents/Details for HDFC Credit Card Registration Process

The user must present the following information to proceed with the registration process.

  • HDFC credit card details include card number, expiry date, and access pin.
  • User’s registered mobile number
  • Customer ID.

HDFC Credit Card Registration 2024 Online Through Net Banking

The HDFC Credit Card credit card user should follow the steps below on their net banking platform.

  1. Go to the HDFC website online portal on your computer or mobile device. “
  2. Open the login page and proceed to the “credit card login” option
  3. Next, select the “continue to net banking” tab to open a new page.
  4. Select the “new user register” button and enter the mandatory information as follows:
    • Login Id: the user should create their preferred login ID credentials.
      User’s name as indicated on the credit card.
      Your card number and expiry.
      Credit card PIN.
  5. Enter your preferred password and confirm to proceed
  6. Recheck the information and read the terms and conditions on the page.
  7. If okay, click submit button to complete the registration tab
  8. To log in, enter your login ID and password to avail any credit card banking service.

HDFC Credit Card Online Registration 2024 for Existing Customers

The HDFC bank customer with an account and internet banking service can register their credit card using the steps below.

  1. Visit the HDFC net banking website portal link
  2. Enter your login credentials to open the account.
  3. Next, select the “CARDs” option followed by the “Request” tab under the “credit card” section.
  4. Select “register new card” tab > enter your credit card number and expiry date to continue.
  5. The page will request you to verify the details through the date of birth or credit card PIN.
  6. After verification, click submits button to proceed.
  7. Next, confirm your registered mobile number by ticking the check box.
  8. You will receive an OTP code on the mobile number.
  9.  Use the code to verify the information and select the “continue” button.
  10. Now the account user can access HDFC credit card services through internet banking.

HDFC CreditCard Registration 2024 on Internet Banking Through ATM

  • Go to HDFC ATM near you.
  • Insert the card on the machine and key in your ATM PIN.
  • Click “other options” on the menu.
  • Choose the “net banking registration” option and confirm on the screen.
  • The bank will send the IPIN through your registered mailing address.
  • Now, you can transact credit card services using a net banking facility.


  1. Which other methods can a HDFC credit card user register use net banking?

    The HDFC bank allows account users to use:
    Bank branch
    HDFC Bank ATM
    Mobile banking