How to Close HDFC Credit Card, HDFC Credit Card Cancellation

Canceling an HDFC credit card important points and how to cancel HDFC credit card online. How to close hdfc credit card permanently online through Net banking, Email, HDFC customer care number.

How to Close HDFC Credit Card

HDFC credit cards hold significant value for many cardholders. However, the cards have a fair share of benefits and maintenance issues. Some credit card users find it challenging to use debit cards and cash to make purchases. The cards remain dormant for long, leaving no choice but to cancel or close HDFC credit cards. The cancellation process is simple and requests few formalities. It also the best option, giving users access to the card they only can manage.

The HDFC bank has designed proper methods for the deactivation or cancellation process. Once the cardholder sends the request, the process will take 7 to 10 working days for the bank to cancel the card. However, the applicant must meet all requirements.

Important Facts to Remember Before Cancelling the HDFC Credit Card

The deactivation process requires the cardholder to check the following facts before canceling the card.

  • Clearing Payment Dues

The cancellation process only occurs if the cardholder has cleared all dues. The bank verifies all cards before the function begins. If the cardholder has card balances or dues, they will receive a call and SMS from the bank.

  • Redemption of Reward Points

The cardholder has the right to reward points accumulated over the period they have used the card. The bank advises the user to redeem and request products, vouchers, or desired rewards based on the card.

  • They should stop using the card before the cancellation

The bank cannot process credit cards with recent dues or in use. The user should stop using the card and provide the bank time to process the cancellation.

  • Fraud Statement

The user should check their last credit card statement. To ensure no fraud is committed using the credit card. After the process, the cardholder should cut it to avoid illegal use by fraudsters.

How to Cancel or Close HDFC Bank Credit Card Online

How to Close HDFC Credit Card

How to Close HDFC Credit Card

Step by step process How to Cancel or Deactivate an HDFC Credit Card

1. Through HDFC customer care number

The HDFC bank allows and provides all users with toll-free numbers for easy access. The applicant can use the number 61606161/6160616. One has to enter the area code before the number to get access to customer care.

2. How to close hdfc credit card through net banking

Using the HDFC Net Banking website portal: The applicant can download the cancellation request form from the HDFC website portal “”. One can also open the portal and fill in the mandatory details. Once the process is done, the user can submit the request online.

3. Writing an email address.

Email is also a convenient way to request card cancellation. The user should write an email to the bank branch. The cardholder will also send their details to help in the cancellation process.

4. Writing a request

The HDFC credit cardholder can write a request to the bank branch requesting closure. The letter should contain user’s details such as names, Email ID, contact detail, and more. The user can physically visit the bank or send through a postal address.

The above methods are all easy and convenient; they require less or no effort to complete.

Effects of Credit Card Cancellation

HDFC credit card cancellation is beneficial to the cardholder. However, the process has some effect on the CIBIL score. The credit limit will reduce, and an increase in the utilization ratio. Credit cards are pillars to build good credit card scores.

Reactivation process for closed/canceled HDFC credit card

Suppose the user considers having the credit card again. One needs to download the reactivation form and fill in all required details. They should submit through the HDFC website portal One can also send a letter to the respective branch or visit the bank for the reactivation process.


  1. What happens to the canceled credit card services?

    The bank will send any dues or unused reward points to clear or redeem the points. However, after the clearance, the bank will permanently close the card, and all transactions will stop.

  2. How do you decide on which card to close?

    Canceling a credit card affects your credit score and limit. It’s advisable to close the current open credit card since it has less limit.