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State Bank Credit Card

SBI bank is a transnational public banking and financial institute in India. The bank is a government statutory which serves millions of Indian citizens daily. The bank has branches globally and offers a wide range of banking services such as retail banking, net banking, private banking, loans services credit cards and many more. Customers can pay their credit card bill easily using the bank online and offline services. Today we focus on the credit card application status through the SBI bank services. application status 2024

SBI Credit Card Application Status

SBI Credit Card Application Status 2022

How to Check SBI Credit Card Application Status Online

After the SBI credit application process 2024, One can check the status at the comfort of their home using online application platforms.

  1. Go to the official SBI bank credit card application website page.
  2. On the homepage Footer left side, click on the option track your application.
  3. Enter the required information like the Application number / reference number which was issued during card application then select the option track.
  4. The system will display the status of the card application.
  5. You can also get the application status without the reference number. However, the bank will verify your identity. You can also follow the procedure below.

How to Get the Reference Number of the SBI Credit Card?

  1. On the official bank, website page goes to the track your application tab and click on the option retrieve application.
  2. Next, enter your date of birth and PAN card details.
  3. Proceed and click on the retrieve tab, ensure the information is correct then submit.
  4. The page will display the reference/application number, which will help in the application status check.

SBI Offline Credit Card Application Process

The state bank of india credit card provides an offline method for customers who cannot access the internet. There are two official bank numbers to call: 1860-180-1290 and STD code 39020202. Have your application number ready since the bank official will request you to read it for verification. After this, the bank customer care will check the application status.

SBI Credit Card Application Status Results


The results show your card process is complete and all details accepted, and in a matter of days, the bank will send the card to your mail.


At this stage, it shows the card has already mailed the card and will reach the given address with days. The applicant needs to correct the card and fill the verification details for clearing. The bank will also send you a message for the same.

In progress

In progress, stage means the card is still under a verification process. This is the first stage where they check and validate the information given during the application.

On hold

When the card status shows on-hold, there might be a possibility that the bank needs more information. They may require more proof documents for verification. The bank will make a call in such cases where they will request for extra details. Likewise, you can call the bank to learn more on the on-hold status on your card.


The card can also be disapproved if the information given doesn’t match the proof documents. If you don’t fit the eligibility criteria of the bank, the process will be cancelled. However, you can contact the bank and have a new application after all details are in line.

Note the SBI credit card has access to all your funds, it should be kept safe not to leak information. Avoid saving card details on any site or mobile applications or using the card on suspicious websites. Ensure you sign the back of the card to avoid anyone from using it for their benefits. Always check the site and security features before transacting any amount for safety measures.

FAQ on SBI Credit Card

  1. How to close sbi credit card?

    SBI credit card customers can close / cancel their sbi CC any time. You have to call to the sbicard customer care number and writing a request to them. Reference:

  2. How can i contact sbi credit card?

    You can contact SBI credit card customer care. Official bank numbers to call: +91 1860-180-1290

  3. what is the email id of sbi credit card?

    Corporate card customers can contact this Email ID: For normal user can contact them through Call 18601801290