AP Treasury: AP Employees Pay Slip 2024 / AP Teachers Payslip (Salary Slip) 2024 at Treasury.apcfss.in

Andhra Pradesh state Treasury: AP Teacher Payslip 2024 & Employees Pay details & Particulars 2024 at Andhra pradesh treasury official web portal https://treasury.apcfss.in/ (or) https://ebadi.in/salary-slip.php, http://net.apteachers.in/pay/

AP Treasury

Andhra Pradesh state government in union with the AP treasury department. I have come up with an invention considering all the government employees. The new system and website portal hold all the monthly salary details of each employee. The government employees new recruits yearly and have to trace their salary slip. This has been eased by the introduction on the AP treasury website portal 2024 https://treasury.apcfss.in/ddoreq/

The teacher’s department can use the online services. To check their salary slip (or) payslips and allowances online. The teacher salary portal is details according to the department. Using the employee code and login details one can access all service anytime. New teachers have to meet the AP teacher qualifications to get a slot in the government school. The government offers attractive salaries to the teachers in the value of education to the state.

ap treasury

AP Teacher Payslip 2024

Teacher salary also depends on the position one holds and the years of service. The senior teachers will have better and higher salaries than fresh recruits. This changes with time as one gains experience. The salary is sent monthly into the bank account after all deductions are made. The slip contains details such as income tax, GPF, loans if any, insurances and monthly salary. Every teacher is issue with an employee code during the employment period. The teacher can visit the government offices for the payslip. Though the trend is being wiped out by the online method offered by the andhra pradesh treasury.

AP Employee Pay Slip 2024

Step by step procedure to download ap govt employee pay slip 2024 salary slip download

  1. Visit the official AP treasury website page https://treasury.apcfss.in/
  2. The employee login homepage will appear.
  3. Proceed to enter the employee code.
  4. On the menu select the excel report.
  5. The system will show the report in a few seconds.
  6. Enter the month and the year you wish to get the monthly salary report.
  7. After receiving the report one can download the report and also print to have a copy for reference

AP Teachers Payslip

His method also works fine and teachers can download their payslip using the process below.

  1. Navigate to the AP treasury website page
  2. http://net.apteachers.in/pay/ (or) https://ebadi.in/salary-slip.php
  3. On the homepage, you’re require to enter details as requested.
  4. Key in the employee code and the AP teacher’s id. The number has 7 digits check not to miss any.
  5. Enter the month and year you wish to receive the payslip for.
  6. Click on the get details tab.
  7. The system will produce the payslip requested in seconds.
  8. Click to download and print a copy of the same


Andhra pradesh state Teachers have to register before they log in to the website. The process is easy and requires the names and employee code a registered mobile and an email address. The user is to fill the captcha code provided then submit the details. An OTP is sent to the registered mobile number to validate the information given.

Once the verification process is over, the user will receive their password using the mobile number. Use the details to log in to your account. The same website has a forgot password tab which is next to the login tab. In cases where the user forgets their password, they can click and follow the instructions given. For more information log on to https://treasury.apcfss.in/