Axis Bank Credit Card Payment, Axis CC Bill Payment Online 2024

Step by step procedure for Axis bank Credit card Payment via debit card, net banking, bill desk at

Axis Bank Credit Card Payment

The Axis bank credit card payment process is simplified in different payment methods. Card holders can use both online and offline processes to pay the bill before deadlines. Here we have various Axis credit card payments mode.

Axis bank Credit card Payment
Axis bank Credit card payment online

How to Pay Axis Credit Card Using Debit Card/ATM?

  • The Axis bank customers can pay credit card bills at any Axis ATM lobby in the country.
  • On the system, go to the menu indicated as other services, and then choose the tab bill payment.
  • Now enter your credit card number and proceed to make payment.
  •  The payment will clear on the same day.

Axis Bank Credit Card Bill Payment via Auto Debit

Step by step Axis bank credit card bill pay via Auto debit instructions. Sometimes it hard to remember about bill payments; this might cause penalties that are bad for your credit record. To avoid this, one can register for the Auto debit system from the Axis bank saving account. The facility will automatically debit the set amount to the right place of payment.

Axis Credit Card Payment Through Electronic Clearance Service (ECS)

  • The ECS system is similar to the Auto debit card facility. However, you can instruct the debit your non-Axis bank account towards your credit card bill through the ESC method.
  • The user can also choose the amount to pay either the full amount or the minimum amount.
  • Now the cardholder has to visit the bank brank for an official form, filling in the required details as per the amount you wish to debit each month.

Axis Bank Credit Card Bill Payment Using AXIS Net Banking Process

  1. Go to the official Axis net banking page, here enter your net banking id and password to login to the Axis bank account page.
  2. On the menu, go to the credit card section and select the “pay bill” tab.
  3. Click on the credit card number and the amount to debit. Recheck the details then click the submit button to complete the process.
  4. The amount will be transferred on the same working day.

Credit card Bill Payment Using Axis Mobile APP

  • First, download the Axis mobile app on your smartphone device.
  • Next, register using your net banking details or Axis bank debit card.
  • Install and open the app; now, you can quickly pay credit card bills from the mobile app.
  • The payments are cleared on the same day of payment.

Credit Card Payment Sending SMS

  • The credit cardholder can pay the bill through sending an SMS.
  • Type the CCP, last six digits of the Axis bank saving account, amount to pay, and the last four digits of your credit card number all separated by space.
  •  Type CCP 411145602921 send to 5676782
  •  Users must have an Axis saving account or current account and a registered mobile number.
  • The payment is cleared on the same day.

Axis Bank Credit Card Bill Payment by Cash

  1. The Axis bank customer can make a direct credit card bill pay through cash.
  2. Go to the Axis bank branch and pay the bill, note a nominal services fee of Rs. One hundred will apply per transaction.
  3. The bank will send the money on the same day.

AxisBank Credit Card Bill Pay With Cheque

  • The cardholder should deposit a cheque at the Axis bank branch near you.
  • The Axis cheque from the Axis bank account usually takes one working day to show on the account holder system. However, a cheque from another bank takes 3-5m working days to reflect on the account.

Axis Bank Credit Card Bill Payment Using Other Bank’s Net Banking

There are various ways of bill payment, such as NEFT, RTGS, UPI, and bill desk. However, this process takes three days to clear, unlike the above-discussed methods.

Axis bank Credit Card Bill Payment Using NEFT via IFSC Code

  • The applicant has to first ad their credit card as a beneficiary to use the NEFT method.
  • Go to the Axis bank account website page.
  • On the menu, click on the fund’s transfer tab.
  • Proceed and click on the NEFT option.
  • Now select the Axis bank credit card from the list of the beneficiary.
  • Key in the amount, recheck the details then make payment.

Axis bank Credit Card Bill Pay Through RTGS via IFSC Code

RTGS service is efficient if the amount to transfer is beyond Rs.2 lakhs, the user has to register to access the process as follows:

  1. Visit the Axis net banking website page.
  2. On the homepage, click on the option add beneficiary under the tab funds transfer.
  3. The beneficiary details should resemble the following details:
    • The beneficiary name and bank name.
    • The bank branch and account name
    • Axis bank credit card BILL IFSC code.
  4. After the registration process, log in to the bank net banking page.
  5. On the menu, click RTGS, which is under the fund’s transfer option.
  6. Go to the beneficiary list and select the Axis bank credit card then enter the amount to pay.
  7. Recheck all details and confirm the payment.

Axis Credit Card Bill Payment Using Bill Desk

  1. Navigate to the official credit card bill desk web portal link
  2. Enter all your Axis credit card details then click on the bank which the payment has to be debited from.
  3. Click on the “pay now” option to proceed, key in the debit card details, and confirm the payment.
  4. The money will be debited automatically from your account and delivered on the same day.

Axis Bank Credit Card Bill Payment Using VISA Money Transfer

The cardholder can pay using Visa money transfer process. Choose either the net banking or Visa debit card to make the bill payment. However, this process depends on the bank you availing the services. After payment, the bank takes two working days for the amount to clear.

Axis Bank credit card payment through UPI via IFSC code


  • Go to the mobile banking app, and on the account, select the UPI tab.
  • Send the system generated SMS and create a UPI id.
  • Next, select the account number to link with the UPI id.

Payment Process

  • Again login to the mobile banking app.
  • On the menu, click pay followed by UPI.
  • Now click on the send money tab.
  • Pay the bill using the account number then add the bank IFSC code to continue.
  • Key in the amount, remarks, and then confirm the payment.