Download Universal Travel Pass in Maharashtra, Apply Online

Step-by-step guide on How to Download a Universal Travel Pass in Maharashtra. Download Universal Travel Pass in Maharashtra, Apply Online at

Universal Pass

The rapid spread of coronavirus in and out of the country has caused a stagnation to people’s daily work. This has brought lockdowns and restrictions on various things, such as night and weekend curfew, that make it difficult for regular citizens to travel. The government tries to incorporate some important measures that keep individuals from getting this virus. In this case, the Maharashtra Government has launched an online Universal Travel Pass Registration Form.

The Universal Travel Pass (UTP) is a QR-based electronic e-Pass form that the State Disaster Management Authority designed for travelling safer for the citizens of Maharashtra during the COVID-19 pandemic. It has enabled people to travel even under the COVID restrictions. It also helps avert the effort of physical verification. UTP e-pass assists authorities in eliminating the efforts of showing IDs repetitively and keeping track of people traveling in Monorail, Metro train, etc.

The government has divided the establishment into various categories based on the nature of people’s businesses. Individuals dealing with important sectors such as utility, medicine, and education services can travel and work once they download a universal travel pass.

download universal travel pass in maharashtra, apply online
download universal travel pass in maharashtra, apply online

Reasons for Having Universal Travel Pass

Below are some reasons why you should apply for the universal travel passing form;

  • It eliminates the effort of physical verification.
  • To make travel safer and easier.
  • It consists of the use of illegal IDs and passes.
  • It contains all the viruses that only vaccinated people can travel.
  • Has Curb repetitive COVID-19 tests to prevent the spread of the virus.

Required Documents for a universal travel pass

The following are documents required for individuals to use for a universal travel pass;

  • Industrial papers.
  • Aadhar card.
  • Voter ID.
  • Registration Certificate.
  • Registration company details.

Universal Travel Pass Registration

The process to Register for a Universal Travel Pass

People working in different sectors, like medicine, utility, and other services, should download a Universal travel pass form. You need to register on the portal before downloading your travel pass. Hereare the steps to follow to register for the travel pass;

  • Move to the official portal of Universal Travel Pass at
  • Press on the ‘’Universal Travel Pass’’ option.
  • Tap on the ‘’Register your Establishment’’ link on the page.
  • You will see an opened new registration form on the screen.
  • Input accurate data like your name, contact number, business type, category, and address.
  • Hit on the ‘’Register’’ button on the next page.
  • After that, you can complete the registration process for your travel pass.

Download Universal Travel Pass

Ways to download a Universal Travel Pass

After the registration process is done, you will able to download your travel pass with the following process;

  • Navigate to the Universal Travel Pass official website through
  • Key on the ”Universal Travel Pass’’ option from the homepage.
  • Press on the ‘’Download Travel Pass’ ’link to continue.
  • Fill in your mobile number on the new page.
  • An OTP will be generated on your mobile number.
  • Click the OTP to confirm your mobile number.
  • Proceed next by uploading your photograph.
  • Your Universal Travel Pass will be generated.
  • Lastly, press the ”Print Pass” button, and the form will be downloaded and saved.

Universal Travel Pass Online Application Process

The application process for universal travel passes.

With COVID restrictions, you can apply for a travel pass and easily travel on Maharashtra local trains, Metros, and Monorails. To apply for this pass, you can follow the guide below;

  • First, you need to visit the official portal of Universal Travel Pass through
  • Press the link, and you will be directed to the universal travel pass portal.
  • Key on the blue button named’’ Register Your Establishment’’.
  • Next, you will be taken to the new page, where you must type in an Establishment registration form.
  • Provide information like your name, certificate photograph, address, category, establishment registration number, etc…
  • After that, accept all the terms and conditions and press on the declaration.
  • After taping the Register button, a notification message will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  • In about 48 hours, you will see a universal pass link, and you can download the travel pass.
  • Save your universal travel pass form for references.

How to Apply for an establishment on a universal pass

The process to apply for an establishment on a universal pass

Here are simple steps to follow for an establishment to apply for universal travel pass;

  • Visit the official website at
  • Press on the ”UTP‘ option on the webpage.
  • Choose the ”Register your Establishment’’ option.
  • Fill in the required details on the opened form on the screen.
  • Provide your name, phone number, and department on the next page.
  • You will receive an SMS from the staff for verification.
  • Avail the entered phone number to log in to the portal.
  • A clear photograph of the applicant will be uploaded.
  • Finally, the pass is generated after 24 hours, and your universal travel pass QR form will be downloaded.

Eligibility Criteria for Universal Travel Pass in Maharashtra

To apply for a travel pass, the candidate must meet the essential criteria listed below;

  • The primary universal travel pass is issued to individuals working in essential sectors like medical, utility, and education.
  • Applicant should be above 18 years old.
  • The universal pass is applicable only in Maharashtra and situated states.
  • Applicable to individuals who completed two weeks of their second dose of COVID-19 vaccination.
  • The user should have met all subcategories and categories in the application procedure.
  • The candidate should have provided all the necessary details in the application form.
  • Provide valid documents to receive a universal EPass.


  1. What are the details enlisted in your universal travel pass?

Once you have downloaded your travel pass, you will notice details enlisted in your universal travel pass like;

  • QR to scan.
  • Travel Category
  • Your Age and Gender
  • Your Photograph
  • Beneficiary ID allotted to you
  • Vaccination Doses Dates.