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Redeem HDFC Credit Card Points

The HDFC bank always provides special offers for its loyal customers; it provides rewards on every bank card. There are several credit cards, such as travel credit cards, shopping, dining, and grocery credit card. All the credit cards earn a point whenever the cardholder swipes the card at stores or use it online. Customers can later redeem the points per the bank set rewards; this encourages customers to use their credit cards more.

How to Redeem HDFC Credit Card Points

How to Redeem HDFC Credit Card Points

Online method to Redeem HDFC Credit Card Points

  1. First, register yourself for an internet banking account if you’re not yet registered. Visit the HDFC net banking page, and click on the option register online.
  2. The system will send you an IPIN/password for the account and log in to the net banking. Enter all the required details by the page then create a new IPIN of your choice. Now your net banking account will be ready for use.
  3. Next, log on to the HDFC net banking account, enter the login id and password then click the continue button.
  4. On the menu, go to the credit card section and select the card of choice. Note if you haven’t registered for the card, none will appear until you enter the card’s information.
  5. Register your card by clicking on the register new card button from the site. Enter the credit card details and the IPIN. Recheck the details, then click on the continue button. Note the process applies if the applicant hasn’t added the card.
  6. Now select the credit card with which you want to redeem point.
  7. Next, click on the online tab redemption, followed by redeem reward points. The option will show available points and the items that fit the points.
  8. Proceed to the catalog menu and click on the tab points range, fill the points you want to redeem, and proceed to the category box
  9. Select the type of item you want to buy according to the points earned.
  10. Choose the items you want to the shopping cart; the system will automatically add the items to your digital cart for redemption.
  11. After adding all the items, click on the view shopping cart, view, and modify the selection. Recheck the shipping address and other details to avoid mistakes.
  12. Note the bank sends the items according to the address provided at the bank. In case you need to send them elsewhere, update your details before redeeming the points.
  13. Next, agree to the terms and conditions by clicking the checkbox to proceed.
  14. Click on the redeem tab to complete the process.

How to Claim HDFC Credit Card Reward Points by Mail?

  • The HDFC bank provides reward points on every billing statement. The applicant can claim the points as they reflect on the statement. Never claim more points than what’s provided to avoid form rejection. The points are also displayed through an online statement. 
  • On the menu, select the item you want from the reward catalog on the HDFC website. Select the items in the point range, enter the item code on your form.
  • The HDFC credit cards earn points differently, meaning each card has a different point range.
  • Next, fill the redemption form using block letters. Key in the item code, name, and quantity you need. For fast-track items, enter the card holder’s name and card number to enter the actual amount to be debited from your card. Now sign and enter the date to agree to the terms and conditions.
  • After rechecking all details, now mail the form to the HDFC bank branch or drop it at the nearest bank branch and place it in the credit card dropbox.
  • The bank will send the items within 10-15 days after the HDFC bank receives and approves the form.

Applicants using the credit card need to redeem their points regularly as the card might expiry. In most cases the card is active for 1-3 years, ensure to check the billing statements and make most out of the rewards.

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